Welcome! Please introduce yourself.

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(Allan Guwatudde) #1853

Hello OpenMRS community, my name is Allan Guwatudde from Uganda. I am currently joining the Open Concept Lab for OpenMRS team as a React developer. I look forward to adding value to this product. Cheers!

(John Joshua Abulo) #1854

Hello OpenMRS community, I am Abulo John Joshua from Uganda. I am currently joining the Open Concept Lab for OpenMRS team as a React developer. I’m glad to be a part of this community.

(Juliet Wamalwa) #1855

@sheriff and @abulojoshua1 welcome to the community. Follow this to get started.

(Raj Gupta) #1856

Hi everyone, My name is Raj Gupta , I am an Indian and I am a 1st year year Undergraduate student at IIT Kharagpur. I am new to open source software and have some experience with JAVA and I want to start contributing to OpenMRS. I always wanted to work on real life problems and make a difference and I feel like contributing here and writing code to save lives is the perfect way to go.

(Sanjali Ekanayake) #1857

Hey!I’m Sanjali Ekanayake from Sri Lanka.I’m a student.:slightly_smiling_face::dog::+1:

(Dativa Valentine) #1858

Hello everyone , i am dativa valentine from University of Dar es Salaam Computing Center(UCC).

(Sanjali Ekanayake) #1859

I :heart: :sri_lanka:

(Nathan Ruhanga) #1860

Welcome to OpenMRS @rajgupta ,@sanjali and @aika :slight_smile:, nice to have apart of the community. You may want to get acqueinted with and/or contribute to OpenMRS. Just feel free to get starged.

(Xolani Ndlovu) #1861

hi, good people. Am Xolani from Zimbabwe.Am a student.

(Kacper Potyrala) #1862

Hello, I’m Kacper and I’m 17 years old. My dream is to help doctors in future with cancer treatment using AI. I’m coding in javascript(react/vue), golang and some python for data science and AI. If possible, I am going to medical conferences in the area. Happy that I can help this organization! This is my first GCI and last one same time so I want to work hard for every task.

Good luck everyone!

(Juliet Wamalwa) #1863

@serekkiri and @xolani we are glad to have you in this community and we look foreword for your contribution.

(Kevin Gauld) #1864

Hi everyone! My name is Kevin, and I’m 16 years old. This is my first GCI, and I’m beginning to study data science, so I am very excited to get to work on tasks for OpenMRS!

(Palash Bauri) #1865

Hello Everyone, Hope All Are Well Here! I’m Palash Bauri, I’m mainly a open source software developer, web developer , inventor , blogger as well as a 17 year old school boy.

I started learning programming at the age of 13 with only reading the documentations. My first language is python but also fluent in JavaScript. Besides Programming and developing , I also write blogs about technology and write stories in various topics such as Science fiction, mystery etc. My first invention was a match stick powered rocket made out of household things which I made at the age of 4.

I also founded a company , XED Technologies aka. xedtech to complete my mission and dream to make the world a better place by helping the poor and helpless people.

Thank You.

(rakib bd) #1866

Me,Mohammad Rakib.I have been working as Software developer(Java,Spring,Hibernate,Angular js ,Mysql) since 2015.I have made my graduation with BSC in CSE.I have already installed the latest version(0.91) of Bahmni .And try to configure it from the UI label . But i want to keep contribution in Bahmni Development.Thanks

(Juliet Wamalwa) #1867

Welcome to the community and we wish you luck.

(Juliet Wamalwa) #1868

@bauripalash and @rakib welcome to the community and we look forward for your contribution. Kindly click here to get started.

(rakib bd) #1869

Thank you . @jwnasambu . Hope i can get you in my side always .

(Juliet Wamalwa) #1870

Feel free openmrs we are there for each other we believe in collaboration. Enjoy you stay in the community

(rakib bd) #1871

Thank you @jwnasambu

(rakib bd) #1872

Thank you @juliet