Welcome! Please introduce yourself

Welcome @gauss30 :slight_smile: Did you get a chance to look at these two links? https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/RES/Business+Analyst

If you have any response, it would be best if you started a new thread.

Hullo everyone. My name is Deb. am new to java programming. very excited to be a part of this team.

hullo everyone am deb. quite new to programing. am so glad to be a part of this forum and open to more learning

Hello @deb welcome to OpenMRS :slight_smile: This link would be helpful for you to get started. https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Getting+Started+as+a+Developer

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Hi! I am Gulraiz, nice meeting you all. I am student of engineering working on OpenMRS. This is wonderful Platform and Application :slight_smile:

hullo. am Deborah kalungi. relatively new to the programing world however very interestd in learning more. am mostly interested in coding . any assistance in this regard is highly appreciated

Hello Everyone,

My name as you see is Sabino Nenes and Iam from Mozambique situated in south of Africa. I studied BCA in Ludhiana, Punjab, Northwest of India and I live in Maputo, Mozambique capital city.

thank you for a kind reception.

Hi everyone, I’m Sunil Kadam, and I’m new for OpenMRS. – it’s been really exciting for me to start working with OpenMRS.

###Hello @sabinoneves Welcome. http://om.rs/gettingstarted ###http://om.rs/devmanual ###http://om.rs/guide This Links are good go through them they will help you.:smile:

###Welcome Sunil.The Links will help you to get more tools and resources http://om.rs/gettingstarted ###http://om.rs/devmanual ###http://om.rs/guide thanks for joining the world of life savers:thumbsup:

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thanks @lahiruj. let me go there right away

Hi Good folks, I am Len Smith, MD, MS, a retired Family Physician and Medical Informaticist. I started exploring OpenMRS in late 2015 and implemented the OpenMRS Standalone Ref App 2.3.1 for the ABCsforGlobalHealth mobile van, medical clinic in San Fernando, Pampanga , Philippines in June, 2016.

The ABCforGH is a non-profit founded by Dr. Julieta Gabiola, a Clinical Associate Professor at Stanford University Medical School. We are developing a long term medical record serving, indigenous peoples, indigent patients and their clinicians in the barrios of Pampanga and conduct research in using SMS messaging in chronic medical conditions, prenatal care and malnutrition.

My informatics work has involved MS SQL, but I consider myself an implementer and hope that I can mentor young Filipino developers in OpernMRS. I am sure I will be a frequent reader and submitter of Talk.OpenMRS.org questions. I greatly thank all of you for your sustained contributions and look forward someday to attending an OpenMRS annual gathering and meeting you in person.

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Hi all , Deepa Acharya From Nepal, very much interested in the opensource technology and health care solution. I want to embrace the knowledge about the EHR. Like to know more about openmrs and its ecosystem.

Warm welcome to @szlfsmit, @deepaacharya, :grinning:

We are wonderful to see your enthusiam and willingness to contribute on open source world. I hope you will stay for a long time in openmrs community and help to save lives. Your contributions will help to save a life of a dying patient. You can visit the getting started page. There are lot of documentation for newbies and cool people is always there to help you out.

Wish you all the best! :+1:

Regards, Jude Niroshan

Hi Tim Sanjaya Poudel here, Working in far western region of Nepal. We are using Openmrs and other bundled solution for LAB and Stocks. Which platform are you using ?

Hello! I’m Sergey Novikov, a software developer. Last time I was writing Java about seven years ago. I’ve never developed a medical soft. And I don’t have much time now. But I’m very motivated to make something useful and have not bad skills in backend development. Will be glad to join the OpenMRS community

Hi, I’m Huayu. I’m new to open source development and I’m excited to get started working with OpenMRS!

Hi everyone! My name is Abdulaziz Albader

I am majoring in software engineering and I have only one class left to graduate. So I’m here to do my internship class for my Bachelor degree! Also, I am really interested on working in the OpenMRS projects. I graduated from my first degree in 2008 which was computer networking.

Hello, My name is Aaron Tushabe. I spend most of my time doing business analysis over at ThoughtWorks (the folks who helped build Bahmni). Am passionate about using Tech to extend better Healthcare to Low Resource Communities so am excited to join the community and looking for opportunities to support and volunteer.

We are happy to have you wearing the shoes of life savers and good people here and other platforms which you will discover with time are ready to help you archieve success.Visit this page < http://om.rs/gettingstarted>it has most of the information you need to get started.