Welcome! Please introduce yourself

Hi everybody,

I’m Happiness Nwosu, A software developer for the global health informatics of eHealth Systems Africa, An NGO that builds data centered health technology and response systems.

I’m interested in building software and technology solutions that can help make at least one life easier/ better. My tech skills range from python/Django, php/Laravel, Javascript, react/react native to android native… Also html and css.

I joined open MRS with the passion to contribute to open source and give back to cmmunity. When I’m not coding, I’m eating, seeing a movie, reading or taking a walk.

Hello @happinessnwosu Welcome to OpenMRS::smile:.If you hava never gone through openmrs getting started page, it will be good for you to find out what is there http://om.rs/gettingstarted thanks for joining the community.

Hi all,

my name is Carlos. I am a Pediatric Surgeon from Ecuador currently working in the US and Austria. I work mainly operating children with pediatric colorectal problems. I was looking for a way to track and follow patients with anorectal malformations operated in medical brigades around the world. I wanted to offer a way that local doctors could document the necessary follow up information. Looking for the ideal system I found OpenMRS. I love opensource and as such loved this MRS. Unfortunately I am not a programer so I had a Linux engineer install it on an AWS server with encryption and all the features needed to be HIPAA compliant. Now I need help customizing it for our needs and for this I thought the best place to start is this. If you want to know more on our work please look at http://www.analatresie.at or the video at the end.

I want to hire somebody knowledagble in Java programing and OpenMRS to help me with this. I would use UpWork to pay for services. I welcome any names and suggestions to help me achieve this. Please take into account that this is a non-profit with limited resource but a great will to help.

Thanks all and congrats for this fantastic work!

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Hi Everyone,

My name is Porshia. I attend Kennesaw State University as a Graduate student. I’m new to the community and I’m here to learn as much as I can.

I’m hoping to meet new people and develop some new knowledge, as well as sharing my knowledge as well.

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Hello @pbryan15,Welcome to the community of Life savers.Your next step should be going through OpenMRS getting started page on http://om.rs/gettingstarted and follow ac-ordingly.:sweat_smile:

Hi everyone, I am Olatunbosun Olotu currently based in West Africa. Presently an undergraduate student and will be contributing to the OpenMRS codebase. Also, I am looking forward to participating in the Google Summer of Code program for the year 2017 with OpenMRS.

The project I am interested in is the “More Metadata Management in AdminUI”. It will be nice to work with mentors both the main (Daniel Kayiwa) and possibly the back up mentor for this cool project.

My goal is to learn new things, learn and act quickly and create an awesome product before the end of the summer of code season. The greater goal is to connect with different people and contribute to codebases within the OpenMRS community, writing code and saving lives with Health IT. It is really motivating to read the mission of OpenMRS - http://openmrs.org/about/mission/. I am deeply inspired by this mission.


Hi @olabosun welcome to the community of life savers :slight_smile: You may start by looking at http://om.rs/gettingstarted and http://om.rs/gsoc

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I’m Azez

I’m Computer Science major at Avila university at Kansas city , MO

i been a week reading about the project it’s is very wonderful and very kind so i decade to join the developer team to make our world better.

i want to be a volunteer on this project and i do have some time on ( Center US Time , Chicago )

Monday 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM Tuesday 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM Friday 09:00 AM - 02:00 PM

I’m ready any time you need me :slight_smile:


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Welcome @alzamil413089 :sweat_smile:.Your next step should be going through our getting started page http://om.rs/gettingstarted thanks for joining bro.

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Hello! I’m Lenya Hope, a computer engineering student, I just joined the community and I’m happy to be here. I am really interested in programming and saving lives. I’ll be glad to assist in any way possible.:openmrs:

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Hi @lehone, welcome to the community of life savers :slight_smile: You can start here http://om.rs/gettingstarted

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Thanks for the tip

Hello everyone, I am Dominic Surrao, a software developer currently working on configuring a Bahmni EMR for PIH in Mexico.

Hello everyone,

I am Varsha Teratipally. I attend University of Colorado, Boulder as a Graduate Student. I am new to the community and I am hoping meet some new people and learn as much as I can.

Hello @dsurrao,welcome to this World.Have you visited this page before http://om.rs/gettingstarted ?If you haven’t please do,thanks for joining.:bouquet:

Hello varsha, http://om.rs/gettingstarted this link has all the information you need to know about this new world,thanks for joining.

Hi, my name is Victor, I am a final year medical student with some programming experience.

I would like to explore using OpenMRS for an idea of building a social network for doctors, centered on giving advice on patient treatment

Hello, my name is Randy and I’m taking a look at OpenMRS to see what kind of capabilities could be used to reduce health care costs in the US. The open source nature of OpenMRS is attractive from both a cost and capability point of view, but we have a lot of learning ahead if we want use it as a practice management tool.

Hello, my name is Justin Orel. I am an associate software engineer for Bentley Systems, and will be graduating shortly from the University of Missouri - Kansas City. I became familiar with OpenMRS through a school-related project and am eager to contribute to the community.


Welcome to OpenMRS @justinrorel . Glad to have u here. Here are a few links to get started. :slight_smile: http://om.rs/gettingstarted http://om.rs/devmanual http://om.rs/guide