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Do you have a Dayan Zhanchi cube? Using these cubes and learning the OLL & PLL patterns of the CFOP method reduced my average 3x3 times from ~1:15-1:30 down to ~0:45-0:50. :smile:


I’m using Dayan Cube as well, but it’s Dayan IV Lunhui. However, my average 3x3 time is about 1:30… There’re so many formulas in CFOP :dizzy_face:

And a lot of my friends could solve a 3x3 in 30 seconds, I hate that…



I hope you had a happy 40th anniversary of the cube and managed to solve Google’s cube. :smile:

FYI – I have actually just started with the 4 Look Last Layer approach, which is far simpler. I’d make the cross, place it on the bottom, manually (slowly) solve the corners putting in the 2nd layer with each corner, then refer to the 4 Look Last Layer diagrams to orient edges, orient corners, then permute edges/corners to solve. It was slow at first, but after a couple days of simply forcing myself to use this method, I started to anticipate which move was needed and even learning a couple. At that point, I went through all 17 moves in 4LLL applying each to a solved cube (each one repeated will eventually re-solve the cube) until I could do all 17 without looking at the diagrams. Then I returned to solving a mixed up cube and applying the 4LLL moves. There was another day or so of needing to look back at the diagrams, but pretty soon I was able to solve the cube reliably under 90 seconds. With some practice, that soon became 40-50 seconds. I’m sure I could get faster by learning the full CFOP moves, but – like you – I’m overwhelmed at the number of them. Maybe someday. Anyway, I’d encourage you to try out the 4LLL approach. It looks harder than it actually is to get the 17 moves memorized (as you do, they’ll make more sense). Your times will improve dramatically. I promise. :wink:


Hi everyone,

I’m Zak Rogoff, and I’m interested in getting involved in the OpenMRS community. I’m currently a campaigns manager at the Free Software Foundation, but in the past I’ve tried a bunch of different things relating to technology and/or trying to make the world better for people, including robotics, Internet freedom activism, and computer tutoring systems. My skills are in communications primarily, but I’ve got a degree in robotics engineering too, so I’m not afraid of computers.

I’m excited about OpenMRS because of the unique community that it makes, bringing together implementers in clinics and developers all over the world. I’m curious to learn the history of the project and get to know people. : D


~~ Oh, this 4 look approach is just what I’m using. My problem isn’t the last layer part… I can make it very fast…The real problem is the F2L part… I often mix up those formulas… Or actually it’s because of I havn’t practiced it for a long time… Ever since this semester, my schedule was filled all kinds of classes and homeworks :cry:

Alright, I need to come back to prepare my Assembly exams

My name is Karl Wurst and I am a Professor of Computer Science at Worcester State University in Worcester, MA, USA (about 80 km west of Boston.)

Our university has recently created a concentration in Software Development for our Computer Science majors, and I am one of the primary instructors for the courses in this concentration. I am currently on sabbatical (no teaching responsibilities) from June through December 2014 and my plan is to participate in OpenMRS to improve my somewhat outdated Software Engineering skills.

I have installed the development environment, built the openmrs-core code, and now I will begin looking for tickets that I can work on. I am excited that the 1.10 beta release is imminent, and hope that I can be of some help in that sprint. I am also very interested in the development, testing, integration, and release processes as a way of seeing “real-life” examples of many of the tools and technologies that I have been reading about, but not had any hands-on experience with.

I am also part of the Foss2Serve/POSSE (foss2serve.org) group that is encouraging faculty to have students participate in Humanitarian FOSS projects as part of their coursework, and have been doing that primarily with our senior project course with varying amounts of success. I would like to have my students participate in OpenMRS beginning with the Spring 2015 semester (January through May 2015.) I want to get familiar with the project myself, first, so that I can direct them.

I also want to use OpenMRS for examples in our courses on software process and management, and testing and QA. We also have an installed server instance that we hope to use for the Health Informatics course that we teach for our Nursing students so that they can get some hands-on time with an EMR system.

I’ve already learned a lot just by exploring and listening. I’m looking forward to learning even more by contributing.


Hi, I am Tim Nicholson. I am working with a number of hospitals and clinics in Nepal, but based at the United Mission Hospital in Tansen, Palpa, Nepal. This is about a nine hour drive from the capital, Kathmandu. Before coming to Nepal I worked, mainly as a programmer/developer for about 40 years at the University of Sydney in the Department of Mathematics, Basser Department of Computer Science, the central IT unit and the Timetabling Unit.

I am looking for IT solutions for institutions with very low financial resources. Furthermore, localisation has some interesting challenges with a local Calendar used here to express dates.


I forget to Introduce my self in this thread :smile: :wink:

Hello Everyone I am Vineet Kumar from India, an undergraduate student who is doing Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, BHU, Varanasi.

I am currently doing Google Summer of Code Internship with Open Medical Record Systems. Here’s my blog: https://vineetgsocer2014.wordpress.com And here is the project I am working : https://github.com/openmrs/openmrs-module-mysqletl

Cheers :smile:


Hello everybody,

my name is Vaclav (vencik in the cyberspace) and I’ve just recently started to contribute to OpenMRS.

I’ve obtained my Master’s degree in Informatics from Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic in 2003. I have more than 10 years of practice as software developer, most of it in telecommunication systems (i.e. low-level, C/C++ coding, async. socket communication) on UNIX and especially Linux platforms. I’ve also worked on a web-based management system for such server solutions; that was however written in Perl (using Template module for generation of the content). Java is quite new for me (although adaptation from C++ and Perl to Java is quite simple).

I have strong affiliation to FOSS community; I’ve worked as senior developer for the Network UPS Tools project for about a year while part of the open-source team at my previous job; I also maintain a temporary branch of psmouse-dkms-alpsv7 Linux ALPS TP sub-driver (until it gets to kernel) and try to find at least a bit of time to work on my own free software project called ctx-fryer (a “compiler compiler”). You’ll find these at https://github.com/vencik

A couple of months ago, I was hired as open-source developer by Merck and started to work on OpenMRS, for the company is very interested in the system. Hope I can help a bit.



I’m Hannah Downey, and I’m a designer. I mostly design email campaigns these days, but I’ve also done some website and mobile design in the past.

But all of that’s just a day job :slight_smile: I favor my hobbies and interests… like… hiking, biking, game nights, listening to piano and acoustic guitar, the sky, modularity, clarity, transparency, metaphors, rain, guacamole, breakfast, the movie You’ve Got Mail, canvas, wood, the color plum, free-choice learning, tutoring, laughing really hard, and being the wife of your beloved Community Manager @michael.


Hi, I am Ronald Munjoma, based in Harare, Zimbabwe. I have a keen interest in Free Open source and contribute to a number of open source projects mainly providing technical and user support on the mailing lists.

I have just applied as a volunteer to the Infrastructure team.


Hey all, I am Akshay, an undergrad student, interested in working for opensource projects, In my previous contributions to other projects I conducted workshops and spread the word about open source and its importance,These days I’m more inclined towards developing. Have a great day :smile:

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Hey everyone,

It’s so wonderful to have found you. My name is Asia and I’m a pre-med student looking to spend a gap year exploring a design for an EHR that is culturally appropriate and medically specified to people living with ionizing-radiation exposure. I hope openMRS is just what I need to make this dream a reality.

Talk more soon,


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Hello, my name Dicky, I’m from Indonesia… Glad to know Open MRS Community

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Yay welcome to the community fellow Indonesian!

Hi you guys, i am Tuan Dung. I am starting to develop OpenMrs + Radiology module. Have good working day every once :smile:

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Hey everyone! I’m Manik Singh, from Chandigarh, India. I’m an undergrad in Computer Engineering ( although I am not fond of the curriculum at my university :frowning: ). I usually find time for basketball in the evenings, followed by late night coding or simply doing nothing with my friends.

I love listening to rock, and try to play the guitar at least as good as 20% like the professional artists. On the internet, when I’m not committed to the ‘regular’ surfing, I’ll usually browse for talks by influential people or random funny videos.

I find great content in participating in activities and causes, within my domain, where I can help others. I spent my last two years, regularly teaching English and its practical knowledge to underprivileged kids, under ‘Make a Difference’.

I’ve exhausted two years of college, without sharpening my coding skills. However, I’ve set a slingshot target to improve my Java coding, by gaining experience in any and every opportunity which I feel will help me in every aspect.

Initially, I wanted to start with my own medical application project, but the inception of each idea seemed very daunting. I stumbled across OpenMRS on the internet, and discovered how similar it seems to my ideas. I believe that developing for OpenMRS will allow me to sharpen my coding skills, and also make the software even more resourceful and intuitive for the users.

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Right. I do hope this is the right place to fulfil the ‘Please introduce yourself’ recommendation. In case anybody else in the future is as confused as I am now. … the way to introduce yourself is to hit the ‘Reply’ button at the bottom of the chain against ‘Welcome - please introduce yourself’.

Now that is out of the way … me? I’m just an aged programmer who wrote a bit of code for a while, and is trying to get his hand in again.

What tools/technologies have I used? Palm Conduit SDK, Windows SDK, some Java EE on Forte, NB, and MyEclipse. This was, unfortunately, before the advent of ORM tools - I’m not at all familiar with Hibernate … so on, and so forth.

Why am I contributing/interested in OpenMRS? Sitting at a computer for large intervals hurts my eyes. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m trying to get my hand in again … and the few years of programming under my belt will stand me in good stead when it comes to debugging stuff. Besides (+; an Open Source project looks good on One’s resume … and OpenMRS carries it’s own weight.

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Hi everyone, I am Sri Harsha Pamu. I am a first year graduate student at IlT, Chicago majoring in computer science with Artificial Intelligence as my research focus. I was a google summer of code student at OpenMRS in 2012. I worked on Metadata Repository under the mentorship of @raff and @gmccallum. I really enjoyed contributing to OpenMRS. I am glad to be a part of the community. My hobbies are mountain biking and playing Chess.


Hello Boniface Wabuti here. Been working with OpenMRS since 2006. I like the community sharing forums, meetings, and list conversations. It has turned globe into one small market to meet share and improve ideas on health care systems. I just love it. Happy to have you all.