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@norman My name is Cynthia and I am the TPM for OpenMRS. I would be happy to assist you get this idea/concept set up.

Normally the practice has been that you would post your idea or concept on talk as new thread as described here Help us brainstorm OpenMRS project ideas From there interested community members can express their interest to collaborate, then a call , normally during our design forum slots to establish norms of collaboration

We also have an upcoming Scrum of Scrums in the next few weeks, where a number of other implementers would be present and share what they are doing and a space to identify groups who can collaborate on this.

I think possible next steps could be expressing your interest at this Help Us choose a date for upcoming Scrum of Scrums Q3 2019 forum then we take it from there

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Thank you so much @c.antwi I will follow up there.

HI Everyone,

Patient information for rural clinics and hospitals in Ethiopia are my main interests. I have some funding to get started. There is a university in the town that will provide some technical support. The system needs to be stand alone and not depend on Internet availability. We will fund additional clinics if we can get the support of those who operate the clinics. We need some one with experience with MRS to advise us.

I served in the US Peace Corps in Ethiopia a while back and have kept contacts that that have helped me do projects in the past. I had a technical background but most of my career is in business. I live in Provo, Utah, USA. Let me know if you may have an interest in helping me help get started with MRS.


Hi There

@billgraff Could I get a better understanding of your requirements so that we can point you to those who are working on similar aspects?

We also have a design forum slot available today at 4pm UTC on https://www.uberconference.com/openmrs if would like to discuss or you can create a talk post with that information if you are not available.


I have been active in education and technology in The Wolaita district of SNNPR in Ethiopia. It has one 2.5 million people and one main hospital. There are at least 9 clinics. Most of them have power but power is a problem.

The administrator off the hospital has requested help with medical record keeping. The problem he wants to start with is the imaging department. They are based on film and patients carry their X-rays around with them at the hospital.

Our mission is to help the most needy and we think we can do this by focusing on the surrounding districts. Our ideal long term solution would be to have each clinic have an independent patient record keeping system. It would be compatible with the hospital so that records could be interchanged with the hospital. The connection part may have to wait a while but we would like to get started if we can.

WE have already funded 20 servers and hundreds of chrome books in Ethiopia and think this is a worthwhile project if we can use MRS. Do you have an opinion?

Hi all!

Since I did this OpenMRS Talk on-ramp thing a bit backwards, I’ll just link to the intro post I created when booting up a new Talk topic about a FHIR-focused webinar series.

Check it out here: OpenMRS University - Intro to FHIR Webinar Series

Cheers, Piotr Mankowski

Hello Everyone,

I am Vanshika, a Third Year Undergraduate from IIT Dhanbad. I have an experience of 2 years in Android Development. I am an Open Source Contributor and a blogger. I am a GSoC’19 student @Wikimedia. I want to involve myself in OpenMRS Community and participate in Mentorship program for GCI’19. Can someone please help me in getting started with Community. I would like to work on entry-level issues in the codebase. Where can I find these?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Welcome @vanshikaarora, this will guide you : https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Getting+Started+as+a+Developer

Thanks Rushikesh, I have introduced myself in the talks page. Also I have gone through various Issues in the application. Amongst which this issue seems interesting to me. Can I work on this Issue?

Thanks & Regards


Yes, you can, just follow the instructions which are mention in the : https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Getting+Started+as+a+Developer

Hi @c.antwi! My apologies for the late reply (I forgot that the forum and the Slack are different channels). I am the most interested and capable of design and improvement of the UI and possibly innovation projects. Although not trained in UX/UI, I did a lot of UI design for the research platform I worked on previously. Also, if there is anyone working on data extraction and use, data models, etc., I would be happy to contribute there, as well!


Feel free to claim the issue.


My name is Ken. I’m currently a Business Analyst working for Operation Smile in Virginia Beach, VA.

We are evaluating various EMR/EHR solutions and considering how we can best meet the needs of our patients and missions around the world by improving documentation within the records.


  • Capture and work with data on smaller missions and sites, yet consolidate that info in central locations when possible.
  • Identify and measure meaningful KPIs for our Theory of Change and Social Impact initiatives.
  • Share and work with other EMR/EHR systems in locations we provide care.
  • Share and work with other medical care non-profits in locations we provide care.
  • Possibly champion a shared solution for other medical non-profits that may have the same needs in documenting health care and services in locations around the world.

I’m working my way through the various suggested links and documentation available. I’m sure as I read through the various materials and links I’ll have more questions in the future.

Thank you and looking forward to sharing ideas and discussing OpenMRS more!

Regards, Ken LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/kjrichards


@billgraff thats avery good idea and if at all you continue with using openmrs as a main EMR system life will become more easy for you.But most in some cases it may reqiure a technical experienced developer who is familiar with the software at the base(clinic or main hospital) just to help in any technical part of any implementation of the openmrs application . For more help you can create a talk thread concerning of any issue regarding your needs to get more help from other developers , All the best . thanks

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Hello OpenMRS World!!!

My name is Arun Kumar. Have a few years of experience in Information Technology in general and Healthcare IT in specific.

Looking for implementing an EMR for interop students first and then hope to be able to contribute to this project.

Hey, I would like to work to work on this Issue. However I am facing troubles while logging into the app. There is no signup option. Can someone please help.

Also I am not able to comment on the issue it says

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Can someone please help


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Sorry about it. Kindly, create a new topic this thread is mainly for introduction purpose.

@tiger90 you are very welcome to the community and we also glad to have you and hope to contribute towards its development

hello, I am Stephane MUNYANZIZA

You are welcome to the community.