Welcome! Please introduce yourself

Yes sure thanx…

The world is a miracle.God has created super genius guys who’ll enlighten all the world as well as heaven…:earth_asia::earth_asia::fairy::fairy:

@sanjali, @rahularora, @waga and @zachrussellll you are all welcome to openmrs community and we look forward for your contribution.

Thank you. It’s a pleasure being here and using Openmrs. Can’t seem to get enough of exploring it’s features

Hi, I’m Mirza Mazhar Baig, a First year undergraduate student from Layyah, Punjab, Pakistan.This year I am hoping to contribute to OpenMRS as my GCI 2018 project. This is a new experience for me as I have nothing in open source development before and I hope that I’ll be of use to the OpenMRS community.My interests include Graphic designing and I like to take part in different Graphic competitions in my free time. In addition I also like to Learn coding but i know nothing about coding at this stage.

@mazharbaig you are welcome to this big and interesting community, we look forward to your contribution. You may look at this for starters and also have a glance at this project. cheers :slight_smile:

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Hi, everyone! I hope you all are doing well today. My name is John Adeniran and I’m a senior computer science major at Dickinson College, who’s working with a team of four to contribute to OpenMRS (in some capacity) as a part of our seminar. I’m excited to be working with all of you!

Welcome to the community click here to get started.

Hi everyone. I am Tanush and I am in Class 9th. I am participating in Google Code-in for the first time & I find OpenMRS to be an interesting organization and I love the previous tasks. I hope that I can help OpenMRS through this competition & also in the future. I aspire to know more about OSS & the OSS community, as I am a complete noob in that field. Once again, thanks for welcoming me!

Hello, I am Nhi. Very thankful to have the opportunities to be part of OpenMRS family. Love meeting people around the world.

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hi @hanhi20 ,thanks for joining the community have a look at this to get started https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Getting+Started+as+a+Developer

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Hi I’m Nicolas, currently working in Liberia for an hospital as IT consultant. I’m looking at openMRS as an option to implement at our hospital. I’m looking forward to discover this community!

Oh we are glad to have you in this community. In case of any question feel free to ask on Talk or IRC. Kindly follow this link to get started.

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Hi, I am Geoffrey Gicheha from Kenya, an enthusiast techie looking forward to contribute to this project. I am skilled in Java and the Spring framework. I look forward to assist add new modules, fix bugs on old ones while gaining and sharing experience

hielo,welcome to the community kindly follow this link to get started https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Getting+Started+as+a+Developer

Thanks a lot

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Hi, am victor from Kenya. Am a Spring developer who wishes to learn more about OpenMRS so that I could be able to make meaningful contribution to my local openmrs module(KenyaEMR).

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heilo welcome to the community kindly follow this link to get started https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Getting+Started+as+a+Developer

@piecesoftangram You are much welcome to the community and thank you for the commitment. We look forward to your enormous contribution to the community. I wish you success in the GCI.

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Hi everyone. I am Nino from the WHO Regional Office for Africa

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