Welcome! Please introduce yourself

Hello @kimkuere spare some time and go through what is here and There dont be stack.Welcome this family:)

Hi all! Great to be here! Am Philip Aleu from Uganda. A freelancer web developer. I wouldn’t say i am new to the OpenMRS community (just got my OpenMRS id though:grinning:). I’ve been around the community working in the shadows for about 5years now. My keen interest is generally web technologies. I can code (atleast proficiently) in Javascript, JQuery,PHP, AJAX, Erlang and of course HTML5. Am getting deep into JAVA programming and would describe my skill level somewhere between beginner and intermediate level.

Looking forward to enhance my core developer skills, interact with like minded developers and contribute greatly in this community.



congs grimm

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@nuwantha you are welcome

Hi everyone, my name is Orjiewuru Kingdom. I am an apprentice from Andela and I’m excited to join you all here. I live in Lagos Nigeria. I have worked in the past with Java and also some Microsoft technologies, but I currently work with the JavaScript stack. At my spare time I learn how to sing :microphone: and dance :dancer: and in the near feature I’d love to learn how to play the guitar :guitar: I joined OpenMRS last two weeks and I’d say it’s been an exiting journey. I am here to put in my best and learn from this experience. :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone; I am a public health physician specializing in health information systems. I used OpenMRS for my Master1 memory. I am delighted to join the Openmrs community. I plan to learn a lot from you and to share my experiences with new users. I am a francophone user currently living in Guinea…

Hello Everyone, I am Rishabh Dutt. I live in Bangalore India. I am a computer science btech student . It’s great joining this community. I have been working on openmrs bahmni for my summer internship. It’s a very great project and interesting too.

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Hey everyone my name is Joshua Surette, and Im a current rising senior at Boston University. Im a brand new member to the OpenMRS community, and am excited to contribute and meet fellow members. In the past, I have worked mainly in the healthcare space, notably as a Bioinformatics Software Engineering intern at both Massachusetts General Hospital and BU, and am currently working as a Data Engineering Intern at Optum. Looking forward to working with everyone!

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Hi everyone,

I’m Bren Louis Surio. I finished Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. I’m currently working as a firmware engineer. I’m well-versed in Java, C++, MySQL, and Android programming. I have also dealt with image processing. I’m fairly new to web development and I’m excited to learn more about it. My hobbies are programming, playing games and playing bass guitar.

I attended the recently concluded Coding For Health with OpenMRS workshop here in the Philippines which led me here. I want to contribute to the OpenMRS and at the same time learn more from the open source community.

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Hello all,

I’m Circe McDonald. I have a background in molecular biology and bioinformatics. I just finished up my MPH in biostatistics during which I became familiar with R, SAS, SQL, and python. I’m fairly new to coding, and I am hoping to contribute to OpenMRS while learning more. I am passionate about basic research, data visualization, and emerging infectious disease.

Looking forward to working with you!

Hi OpenMRS Community,

My Name is Selemani Mmbaga,Holding Bachelor of Engineering in Information System and Network.Currently i am working with IFAKARA HEALTH INSTITUTE as the Institute Data Manager and data Officer.I have been working and delaing with OpenMRS for almost one year now at St.Francis Hospital Ifakara in Tanzania.

As the lover of OpenMRS I welcome for those who needs help and i will love to know much about openmrs development,i love development.

I love knowing people especially from different countries and love travelling too.

Hi all,

My name is Chibueze Uchendu, a new apprentice from Andela. I am excited to work on this amazing open-source project. I have working experience with full-stack javascript and VB.net. I am currently learning Assembly language at my own private time, and I am very excited to add value to this community. My hobbies are programming, playing video games and hanging out (Relax) with friends.

Thank you.

Hello Everyone.

My name is Eunice Wanjiru a Software Developer at Andela Kenya. I am very excited to be joining this community as an apprentice and looking forward to adding value, collaborating with you and learning as much as I can.

I have skills in javascript react and currently diving into Java. Apart from coding, I mostly enjoy a good salsa or kizomba dance. I look forward to working with you to make OpenMRS even greater. Thanks.


Hey All, I, Cecilia and three more new apprentices from Andela are excited to be joining the openMRS team, to learn as well as contribute to this awesome community, We intend to collaborate and cooperate with the other Andela apprentices as well as all of you guys to deliver on awesome features. Here are the names of the new apprentices as well as their usernames on IRC: Cecilia Wahome - cecilia(IRC) Eunice Wanjiru - eunice(IRC) Chibueze Uchendu - chibujax2(IRC) Jackson Onyango - jxn(IRC)

Feel free to start a chat with any of us!

Many thanks.

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Hi @niccie :slight_smile: Welcome to OpenMRS community.
You can go through this Getting Started developer guide to get more details.

As far as I know, you are good with JavaScript and React components, So better concentrate on OpenMRS OWAs. It mostly depends on web technologies. To understand more, you can view sysAdmin OWAl code here.

Hi @suthagar23

That is a good call. I will definitely check them out to get prepared for the tasks to follow.

Thanks a lot!

Hi @chibujax2

Welcome to OpenMRS Community :slight_smile: You can go through this Getting Started developer guide to get more details. OpenMRS plays with Open Web Apps using web technologies. What about your depth about JavaScript? If you have good, then move with Open Web Apps.

Hi @brensurio Welcome to OpenMRS Community :slight_smile: You can go through this Getting Started developer guide to get more details.

I think, you are good with Java and Android programming. So better move with OpenMRS Android Client project. If you have interest then move this documentation.

Hello i’m a developer in groovy language i found very interesting this community