Inappropriate changes to introduction thread

Has anyone else noticed that the title of this thread has changed to

Hi everyone; I am a public health physician specializing in health information systems. I used OpenMRS for my Master1 memory. I am delighted to join the Openmrs community. I plan to learn a lot from you and to share my experiences with new users.

cc @dkayiwa

(I moved this to a new topic, since it isn’t an introduction)

I saw that. Someone trying to introduce themselves and not understanding how discourse works. I fixed it.

I was surprised that someone new to discourse would have the authority to edit the title of someone else’s post.

In any case, it’s fixed.

-Burke :burke:

BTW - the short url to intro thread is

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Hey @burke,

If you check the list of users with the Regular badge, it seems as if there’s a bug randomly issuing some users the OpenMRS Guide badge as well as raising their trust level to Regular.

Hey @burke or @harsha89, The OpenMRS Guides group is open for all users to join as seen in this link. Joining the group raises the user’s trust level to Regular and grants many privileges.