Weird ODOO screen is coming up after bahmni installation

Hi All,

I have installed Bahmni 0.92 in my CentOS. After installation all the applications are working. However, after login to ODOO application, It’s getting logged in , but weired screen is coming in browser with the below warning/error :

Can u help me how to mitigate the issue ? … To it’s back ground , While installing bahmni, i.e the step below :slight_smile: # Install the bahmni command line program (Choose the version you want).

yum install

Ideally bahmni got installed; but bahmni --help did not work after that with error “Module Click is not loaded” (which was not appearing in last time a month ago during installation); so , I have installed “Click 7.0” manually as mentioned in the wiki for previous version 0.91.

For reference, I am attaching the click installation part during 0.92 bahmni installation

SO, MY DOUBT IS “WHETHER CLICK 7.0 installation is causing my ODOO screen displayed weirdly”

this thread may help

Odoo screen gets distorted because , when we install, we fetch the latest lessc compiler which has some css/js related issues. Kindly downgrade the less compiler version and restart odoo.