Weekly Feedback Form for Week 3 not yet received

Hi @michael

I haven’t received the email this week to complete Weekly Feedback Form for Week 3. I had a chat with @sandeepraparthi. Looks like he did not receive the email as well.

Could you look into this. Thanks :smiley:

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@maany @michael I too dint receive the Form

Hello guys,

Neither did I receive the email for weekly feedback. Well, I think its night time for them now. We got to wait until evening and they will look for what the problem is :slight_smile:

Hi Guys, Don’t panic . You will get your weekly feedback form soon. @michael may be busy somewhere and will come back to us asap. He is having lot of work to do being community manager and other things to do of his own. This is Open Source is all about. Just do your job, keep blogging and keep interacting. And btw you are not going to kicked out of the program until you miss three consecutive weekly report :smiley: (Don’t mean it btw :stuck_out_tongue: )

PS: @dkayiwa taught me this once :smile:

Hi team. Thanks for reporting this. I am never too busy for GSoC, but I do sleep now and then. :wink:

The emails should be going out in the next few moments, and this week’s form will remain open until 14:00 UTC Tuesday. (But please don’t delay, and submit your form as soon as you receive the link.)

Thanks for your patience! :trophy:



I just now finished submitting the blog post for this week to be on time :slight_smile:

As stated in one of the earlier mails sent by @michael, we need to be providing project updates by participating in daily scrum meetings.

Please let us know if we are still missing out on completing any tasks to be in the program in any case :slight_smile:

Thanks, Manika

By the way @michael, I remember last year you shared with the community a link where we could read all updates from all our interns! do you have something like that this time round as well? I would love to appreciate our friend’s progress and look into any challenges some may be blocked with to help out where i can

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@k_joseph , it’s here : http://planet.openmrs.org/ :slight_smile:


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