Creating a new theme for Planet OpenMRS

Thanks @maany. BTW if anyone wants to take some free time and attempt a nice/clean looking theme for OpenMRS Planet (we’re using Planet Venus) it would be awesome! I can’t promise you bonus points with your mentor, but I can promise you fame and fortune within OpenMRS. Well, fame anyway. :wink:


Haha… “fame and fortune” I see what you did there :wink: @michael . It will be great to change that theme anyway. How to manage theme of OpenMRS Planet?

See documentation at One would need to create an XSLT and any necessary images, etc.

Here’s an example SVN repo with a Planet Venus theme for reference:

We have a shared repo at that is used for synchronizing changes with the server, so when the time comes after testing we can get the theme committed there and synchronized to the production server.

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