Website Redesign: Why do we like some websites and not others?

Whenever I talk with a website designer or developer about redesigning our website, at some point, they usually ask me “What are some of the websites that you like?”

It’s hard for us to come up with a new design for our website when we don’t know have a clear idea about what we as a community like in a website and why.

@zuzanna and I have compiled a list of websites that people have told us that they like - or don’t like:

Now we want to dive into what people like or don’t like about these website - and we’d like your help. Simply pick a website from the list above and use the questions below to tell us what you like or don’t like about it.

  1. What about the website makes it aesthetically appealing (images, colors, font)?
  2. What about the website inspires you to dive deeper (copy, imagery, etc)?
  3. What makes the website simple and uncomplicated?
  4. How does the website use white space?
  5. What makes the website easy to use?
  6. What makes the website understandable?
  7. How does the website engage with the target audience?
  8. How does the website emphasize what it offers its target audience?

You can respond to this thread with your responses or use this spreadsheet.


Please, help us and leave your feedback. Remember that now is the time when you can have a real impact on design of our website. So don’t waste a time and write a comment, contact with me or Jennifer or use the spreadsheet.

@jennifer did you consider to simply publish the new website and then gather the feedback from the community? Please remember that you can easily modify websites on a daily basis.

I am afraid that without publishing it you will never make it publicly available. Gathering such sophisticated feedback from the distributed community might be really challenging or even impossible.

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@jslawinski, I’d hate to have someone go through the process of designing a new website, presenting it to the squad and community for feedback, and then not be able to publish it because we decide that we aren’t that keen on the design. This kind of thing can happen.

Any feedback that we get here will simply help us get a sense of what sites people like or don’t like - and most importantly why. Then we can use that information to work with a designer who is more likely to give us a design that aligns with what we want - or avoid working with one whose style doesn’t match us.

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@jennifer Makes sense. However, without giving any strict deadline I doubt you will get a lot of valuable feedback. Moreover, I also doubt you will be able to prepare a single design that will meet expectations of everyone.

Maybe I missed something, but after few years of working on the new website we are on the stage when we want to probe what community likes or doesn’t like?