We Need Your Input: Help us Complete OCL Testing & QA

Hey Everyone

We are looking to convene a team to help us fully test the recently completed OCL module in order to have it ready for use by the community.

Specifically we would like to the following activities to be done:

  1. End-to-end test from creating a dictionary to importing concepts, by a real user of OCL
  2. Exploratory testing
  3. Testing the module with poor connectivity
  4. Browser Compatibility

How do I set up my testing environment ?

Please use the following instructions here OCL for OpenMRS User Feedback discussion

There is also a JIRA board that is managing the this current testing phase which can be found here: https://issues.openmrs.org/secure/RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=180

How do I post my feedback? One can post their feedback in the current discussion threads


cc @ball @waweru


Are you also looking for people to test the specific scenarios we laid out?

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@c.antwi would like to lead this!! If possible we could test some thing during the course of the weekend!

We would like to hear from the kenyan and nigerian team whether they got some time to test OCL cc @c.antwi

@aojwang @@brightoibe @ggomez were you able to get some time to test the OCL module?

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@c.antwi I might not be able to review the OCL module this week because of the ongoing NigeriaMRS Bootcamp but i will test the module then provide you feedback hopefully next week.

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@ggomez cool stuff. we are on standby