We have a qa-refapp server; let's use it for manual testing

I notice that @dkayiwa does a great job of asking people to replicate their bug reports on int-refapp.openmrs.org. (A random example here: Patient Id display in Reference App)

The int-refapp is supposed to be for (automated) integration testing. (Have we already shifted that into the cloud on saucelabs? If so, we should free up this server…)

What Daniel is asking people to do is basically manual exploratory testing of the application, so we should be using **qa-**refapp.openmrs.org (instead of int-). That hostname seems to exist, but the server is down. We should fix this.

(I’m not going to take care of this myself, but it occurred to me, so I thought I’d point it out.)

Yes, the automated UI tests are run on Travis and Saucelabs and int-refapp is no longer used for that purpose.

So, maybe we should rename int-refapp to qa-refapp (and free up whatever is currently called qa-refapp).


Does it mean that the saucelabs tests are running against an OpenMRS instance created on travis agent, and destroyed with the build?

I’m happy to point the DNS to anything, or create a CNAME.

@cintiadr, that’s exactly how it works.

So, should we rename int-refapp to qa-refapp? (Or am I just being pedantic here?)

Pedantic or not it’s correct to call it qa-refapp :slight_smile:

By the way, @cintiadr, how much work would it be to setup the qa server with docker the same way you did the new-demo server?

It would be awesome to be in a place where we can fire up new manual testing servers on demand without any effort by just creating a branch in https://github.com/openmrs/openmrs-distro-referenceapplication :slight_smile:

So rename int-refapp to qa-refapp, and what do I call the current qa-refapp.openmrs.org ?

That was exactly the plan, to move all our openmrs environments to docker :smiley: Each one will have a tag in dockerhub, and deployed the same way.

But I need demo to be properly deployed, credentials, deployment to dockerhub from CI and everything before that.

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The current qa-refapp is no longer needed at the moment.

https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/ITSM-3976 should be now done.


I’m not really familiar with your development/testing environment. If I understood, int02 has been replace by http://qa-refapp.openmrs.org/ right? Will qa-refapp.openmrs.org be used only for manual testing? Or as it was for int02 can we use it for running locally the UI tests? if so we have also to update the pom.xml file that we have in the UI test library (I can do it). Thank you

I did notice that swagger stopped working. The request url is int02.openmrs.org so there is no response form server.

Does it work now as expected? I changed the url prefix in webservices rest settings on qa-refapp…

yup, it works now, thanks

@domenico, qa-refapp is for manual testing, but you can use it for running automated UI tests locally for your convenience when trying to reproduce an error. If you do that you need to be prepared that tests may fail due to some one else interacting with the website.

In general it’s best to run automated UI tests on a fresh instance of a server that no one else has access to so that there’s no interference from outside and tests are more reliable.

It’s why we don’t use a publicly available server for running our automated tests by CI.

I absolutely agree with you. However if you agree, we can update the pom.xml with the new address at least we can make tests work. Regarding the fresh instance of the server, do we have a wiki page about?

Agree, we need to update the pom. No, we don’t have a wiki explaining that. It’s long overdue on my TODO list. If you have some spare cycles to include it in the docs, it would be great!

  • Open an issue about the pom update.
  • I can write down something on the wiki starting from the note available here.

As we already said in another post, we can run our test locally against qa-refapp when we are confident they work we can pull a request. It should be enough. I was wondering if we can explore another option with Travis CI: we build our own server and run locally the tests. This to avoid interference with the qa-refapp server (which is used by others) while we are developing automatic tests.I do not know if it is worthwhile.

@domenico, my initial reaction is that it’s not worthwhile. I would just use the qa-refapp server for any sort of QA that’s not being run by CI (even for designing tests that will eventually run in CI).

ok @darius, I’ll follow your advice.