Sauce Lab account for testing


in my effort to set up a fully working environment to develop and run execute UI test cases, I’ve followed the instructions below:

First, I’ve logged in Sauce Lab with my github account, but I can’t get the access key (Maybe I need a sauce lab account, I sent an email to Sauce lab help desk) Second, Sauce lab account are trial, do you have a free account? Thank you in advance. D.

@raff or any one from @SolDevelo, do you have any response to this?

We have an account on saucelabs, which allows us to run 5 tests in parallel. We can assign you privileges to run tests under the OpenMRS account, but you need to have a good reason as 5 slots is not very much.

In practice you shouldn’t need an account on saucelabs to work on tests. You should be able to execute them locally. Also if any tests fail on saucelabs you can see a screen recording for each test executed on saucelabs and test logs (including tomcat logs) on travis-ci. It is enough to figure out most of the issues.

Hope that helps!