Volunteer needed to lead the OpenMRS Implementers' Conference 2017 Hackathon

Hello, As you all are aware we have Malawi 2017 coming up in December and there are two days for a hackathon. We are looking for a community member to play the role of lead and coordinator of the hackathon event.

The duties of the volunteer will include:

  1. Lead the community in a discussion to identify hackathon topics of regional and timely interest.
  2. Coordinate hackathon needs.
  3. Help manage/lead the event in person at Malawi 2017.

Previous experience participating /helping at an OpenMRS hackathon is not mandatory, but desired.

If anyone of you is interested in this position, reply to this thread or send a private message to @christine and @jeffneiman. Please list -

  1. Relevant related experience in similar events,
  2. Experience/involvement with OpenMRS and
  3. Whether or not you will need funding to attend the event.
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