Visit Dashboard - How to remove default sections?

I want only Patient Files (Documents) section on the visit dashboard. Though I have removed almost everything from Visit Dashboard but still get so many default sections.

I also cannot set “defaultSections”: false as per

So is this where Extension Points come into picture?

You should probably be editing dashboard.json and not visit.json …See this

Which section in dashboard.json as I have already configured dashboard.json as we need only 4 sections (display controls) on dashboard and it looks like

But when user selects visit we do not want to show all other default sections (display controls) but we want only patient files.

Visit details page (when clicked on visit from patient dashboard) can be customized from /opt/bahmni-web/etc/bahmniapps/clinical/config/visitMandatoryTab.json

This has not been documented in Wiki. I wish this file should be moved to default_config so that this can also be used by implementers.