Removing Display Controls from Visit Dashboard

I am customizing the Clinical module. After modifying visit.json there are still a few display controls which I don’t want to show in the Visit Dashboard, like Admission Details, Lab Results, etc.

How can I remove those Display Controls from Visit Dashboard? Please see below my visit.json file:

{ “general”:{ “translationKey”: “DASHBOARD_TAB_GENERAL_KEY”, “displayByDefault”: true, “printing”: { “title”: “Bahmni”, “header”: “Visit”, “logo”: “…/images/bahmniLogo.png” }, “defaultSections”: true, “sections”: { “pacsOrders”:{ “type”:“pacsOrders”, “displayOrder”: 1, “translationKey”: “PACS_ORDERS_VISIT_PAGE_KEY”, “config”:{ “orderType”: “Radiology Order” } } } } }

You’ve removed almost everything in this one :grinning: I think what you want to customize is the patient dashboard. -Check the dashboard.json file, notice how different display controls are grouped into tabs (…General, Trends, Patient Summary). You’ll probably achieve what you want by editing dashboard.json.

Thank you Rubailly!


I am comment in section tag inside

/* “vitals”:{
“translationKey”:“DASHBOARD_TITLE_VITALS_KEY”, “type”:“vitals”, “isObservation”:true, “displayOrder”:12, “dashboardConfig”:{
“showDetailsButton”:true, “conceptNames”:[
“Vitals” ], “numberOfVisits”:2 },*/

then also vitals are showing on patientDashaord

@govindsharma I can’t tell if this is the same question as the one you asked elsewhere, but I may have replied to you here: How do I configure the tabs shown in the Consultation screen in the Clinical app?