Usage of Cashier and Inventory Modules

Anyone using the OpenHMIS cashier and inventory modules? How did you find the process of setting up these 2 modules?

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You read the documentation?

here the link Cashier Documentation

Inventory Documentation

you can see this post too

Hi @whiscard, I setup the cashier module in 2014 and was quite pleased with it. I found some minor bugs that the team were quick to acknowledge and fix.

I think the only thing that I got stuck on was not specifying the REST URL, and the documentation was improved to help future pilgrims as they get things up and running. Be sure to start with the documentation as @ibatista suggests.

Since I haven’t used the modules for some time, things may have changed, and I know it has additional features which were lacking.

Hi @ibatista, thanks for the feedback. Was there anything you found when setting up that wasn’t in the documentation?

Hi @arbaughj noted, thanks. I got stuck setting up the rounding department and rounding item. This was using openmrs 2.3.1 modules.

Which version of the reference application will the cashier module run without conflicting with the UI framework and othe rmodules? I tried including it and the depended modules in an already existing instance of reference application and OpenMRS crushed by failing to start essential modules. Do you have a set of modules+compartible reffapp modules as a bundle someone can just fire up for quicker testing?

We have tested on reference application 2.8.0 and platform 2.1.3 Yes you can grab our docker-compose file from our docker repo and it will setup a working instance of openmrs together with the the cashier and inventory module.