OpenHMIS Cashier 3.1.0 and Inventory Module 2.1.0 Releases

Howdy folks!

We are glad to announce the release of our OpenHMIS Inventory Module 2.1 and Cashier Module 3.1.

Some of the new features include:

Cashier 3.1

  • Display the Adjustment Reason on the Bill Page for adjusted /or adjusting bills.
  • Provide a Cashier Settings page for accessing global properties.
  • Bug fixes which can be found here

Inventory 2.1

  • Display the operation user in the Stock Operation Details page.
  • Bug fixes which can be found here

Our Demo Sites have been updated with these modules as well.

Credentials: demo/Demo1234



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Kindly give use any feedback on issues you may come across and/or any new features or ideas at

Best of luck, Andrew Moko, Software Developer OpenHMIS Project