Upgrading Nathan Ruhanga to /dev/5

It’s now a year and 8 months when @ruhanga was upgraded to /dev/4, since then he has shoot to a higher ground following his activities in which he has worked on complex problems and engaged with implementations of our community products. He is currently supporting Releasing of O3 RefApp 3.0.0 and other activities which @mksd and @Mekom can tell.

Looking at the criteria for a /dev/5, I see the /dev/4 stage being a shoe that does not fit his feet any more.

Isn’t it a high time we upgraded Nathan Ruhanga to /dev/5?


Congratulations @ruhanga, well deserved!

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/cc: @dev5

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congs @ruhanga. he deserves the best, great work done

@ruhanga glad you are inspiring many of us, congrats for this consideration and all the best