Upgrade Stephen Senkomago Musoke to /dev/5

@ssmusoke has:

  • Led the development of the UgandaEMR OpenMRS distribution.
  • Once been our OpenMRS Reference Application Lead.
  • Mentored and supported a good number of developers in our community.
  • Initiated and led a number of local developer bootcamps.
  • Reviewed and raised a number of pull requests in various modules and the platform.
  • Contributed various ideas on a number of our community calls and asynchronous discussions.
  • Believed and practically maintained the philosophy that all sharable code should be in community supported modules.

Of course there is more than the above that @ssmusoke has contributed to our community. But i believe that what i have listed is convincing enough for even some one new in our community to agree that surely, he should have been a /dev/5 long time ago! Is there any one who needs more convincing??? :slight_smile:


bravo @ssmusoke :partying_face: :+1:

Congratulations our senior dev :slightly_smiling_face: well deserved

Congratulations @ssmusoke! I was always surprised he wasn’t already a /dev/5!


:rofl: hmmm

Congratulation @ssmusoke. I look forward for more bootcamps uncle muso am one of the beneficiaries.

Well deserved Uncle Muso

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I strongly think @ssmusoke good enough a dev/5

Congratulation @ssmusoke. We’ll deserved.

Thanks @dkayiwa for all the support, and all the positive feedback

Let us make OpenMRS even better

@k.joseph Now I want to get to /qa/1 where do I start?


Would be amazing supporting x critical workflows for UgandaEMR with automated tests, are you able to assign a resource? We can work with him/her on such test(s) so as to prep for your team to tap into the benefits on E2E tests

I was hoping to get some interns, but now we are in a holding pattern, but I will keep an eye for that



I like that.

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Congrats @ssmusoke and we looking forward to more bootcamps…we grasped alot in few days effortlessly

Great work deserves appreciation!

I genuinely appreciate how incredible you are and your work!
Thank you for a job well done @ssmusoke !

Congs @ssmusoke,thanks for always pushing,:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :sunglasses: :wave: :pray: :raised_hand:

Congratulations @ssmusoke, to me you have always been a dev/5 :rofl: Thanks for being a good soul to many. Well deserved! UgandaEMR :fireworks:

Well deserved indeed. Congratulations @ssmusoke.

congratulations @ssmusoke our senior dev

Well deserved @ssmusoke!