Unable to start httpd service on Centos

Hi Team ,

I have successfully installed openmrs , bahmni-ear and bahmni-web on Centos .

But httpd is failing to start, as the process could not open configuration file from /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf:no such file or dire .

I have moved to the above directory but this is linking to /opt/bahmni-web/etc/httpd.conf , and i could not able to find httpd.conf file over here and hence Apache Http server is not starting .

Can anyone help here .

Thanks Sianath

Can anyone help me here please …?

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Thank you Darius …!

Looks like there was some issue with your bahmni installation. Can you please re-install just bahmni-emr, and try. Command (I am assuming you are using v0.80 of Bahmni):

service openmrs stop service httpd stop yum remove bahmni-emr yum remove bahmni-web yum install bahmni-web-0.80-373. yum install bahmni-emr-0.80-373. service httpd start service openmrs start

Please execute the above command as root, or with a user that has sudo permissions.

Once done, please paste a screenshot of what you see in the /opt/bahmni-web/etc folder, if things still don’t work.

cd /opt/bahmni-web/etc ls -al

Hi Gurpreet ,

Below is screenshot taken after performing the steps given by you , still httpd service is not coming up .

Can you please put screenshot of contents of /opt/bahmni-web/etc folder:

cd /opt/bahmni-web/etc ls -al

I can see the same contents again


Can you attach the contents of " /etc/httpd/conf"

cd /etc/httpd/conf/ ls -al

Thanks, Sravanthi

after giving an attempt to start httpd service , i have see info which is shows in below screenshot from "journalctl -xe "

i can see this at 153 line FYI …

Check if there is a symlink for modules in /etc/httpd/

yes ,

cd modules

See if the modules it is trying to load are present

from what i said , there is some syntax error at 153 right , so looks like mod_authn_alias .so is not present in the modules , is this causing the issue ?

Did you try removing httpd and installing again

yum remove httpd
yum install httpd

Hi Sravanthi ,

httpd is working fine now , but when i try to start pgsql , its not running below screenshot shows , all service status and pgsql service not coming up .

Below is the sequence and packages i installed using yum :

install-bahmni.sh bahmni opemrs bahmni web bahmni emr bahmni httpd bahmni-reports bahmni-lab bahmni openerp

i can see only openmrs , httpd , running but not all …

Can you help me here whether i followed the sequence or not .

Appreciate your help …!

Thanks Sainath

Hi @sainath,

It looks like you are running some other version of CentOS. Bahmni is fully tested on CentOS 6.7. Can you please check the version of CentOS you are using?

Can you run lsb_release -a or cat /etc/issue to check the version?

ooh i am using CentOS 7.2 x64 …

should i now move to 6.7 ? and also this is server based version and dont have UI access also .

And also below is sequence i should follow right :

install opemmrs install httpd install bahmni emr , bahmni web .

in order to access bahmnu UI , what should i install .

Can you put me in right direction please ?

Thanks Sainath

Hello @sainath

Since we have only tested / support v6.7 of CentOS right now, it would be good that you try out Bahmni on that version of CentOS.

To install Bahmni after you setup CentOS (minimal version should work, but you can also install higher flavour too), please check that your iptables service is not running, and selinux is disabled. After that install Bahmni using the steps mentioned here: https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/display/BAH/Install+Bahmni+on+CentOS (v0.80).

These steps will ask you to download a script (base-v0.80.sh), which has the install commands in the right sequence. You can open it, and scroll to the bottom of the script, and see the sequence. Please follow those. You should be good then.