Unable to start httpd service on Centos

You should re-enable iptables (firewall) once done, and then open only port 80/443 for access from outside, and maybe ssh port. This is for better security! : )

all ports are open by default .

atlast i am able to see oprnmrs login , but could not see bahmni login page .

below screenshot shows : when i try to access the bahmni page .

Can you also give me passowrd for superman user and also need default account for bahmni

I am able to login to openmrs …!

but can you help me to resolve bahmni ui

Check whether the OpenMRS service is running or not. You can check that using service openmrs status. It it is stopped start it using service openmrs start.

openmrs is running fine and can access openmrs ui …

but it looks like some certificate issues while accessing bahmni ui …please check below screenshot :

You can ignore the certificate issue, add an exception in your browser for this page, and move ahead. This occurs because Bahmni ships with a certificate for “mybahmni.org”, and you are accessing with IP on the browser.

Please check if there are any modules present in /opt/openmrs/modules. If not, you would need to re-install just the bahmni-emr rpm.