Unable to Fetch Locations Error -- on installing Bahmni

OpenMRS, OpenElis and OpenErp is individual run but bahmni home it’s not working. what can I do? please help me about this problem.error message : Unable to fetch location. Please reload the page.

This is the error that @kha123 is seeing when he accesses Bahmni home.

@kha123: Can you upload a screenshot of what you see in OpenMRS Location page? See this link:

For instance in the demo instance of Bahmni openmrs, we see locations https://emrdemo.bahmni.org/openmrs/admin/locations/location.list

Can you also mention what commands did you use to install Bahmni on your Windows machine?

Bahmni Installation process yum install openmrs yum install -y bahmni-em bahmni-web and yum install bahmni-lab bahmni-erp

manual install jre jdk-1.8.0_65

Can you please follow the steps mentioned here: https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/display/BAH/Install+Bahmni+on+CentOS

Just execute this command in your Centos terminal window: curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Bahmni/bahmni-vagrant/master/packer/scripts/base.sh | sudo sh

Regards Gurpreet

When I install bahmni-emr, where it’s store or location. When I install in my machine any other store in machine but bahmni-em don’t find it. I upload view.

Exactly I follow this Installation process. Individual all are run, like openmrs-8080, erp-8069 and elis-8081 but when doesn’t show and error showing

The locations are stored in OpenMRS MySQL database.

Regards Gurpreet

Sorry I don’t understand…

Can you please check if it is failing because of privilege issue ?

You can check this in your browser’s dev console.

Can you tell me any one what is the exactly reason for that?

@vinkesh: Browser dev console some error showing… Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 503 (Service Temporarily Unavailable)

Can you please access the following address, and check what it is displaying.

Http:// this adress are display normal openmrs view

Is it showing any message about ‘maintenance mode’ in the OpenMRS UI?

@aj_jaswanth : no showing any message in the OpenMRS UI. If some body interest I can give access via teamviewer.

@kha123 can you come over in IRC so we can fix this issue (unless you already have figured it out). See here for IRC details

Btw, @kha123, can you also confirm if all your omods work fine?

First of all Thank you @vinay. openmrs all omods work fine. I’m available in IRC. If you have time please resolve my problem. Thank you.

Khairul, were you able to solve this problem? Else, I think we should do a Team viewer to understand the problem.

Thanks @gsluthra. I’m waiting for your important communication. I’m in teamviewer when you need. please solved my problem.