Twitter Bootstrap implementation progress / Styling OpenMRS?

Howdy folks!

UX/UI designer here looking to find out what the latest update is on implementing Twitter Bootstrap? Also, with the advent of Bootstrap being implemented, would it be possible to theme it with something like this:

P.s. Very new to OpenMRS and basically trying to find quick wins for REstyling the system as a whole.

Thanks Bianca


@biancajembi - great idea. Would love to hear more about your thoughts on restyling. For that particular library, it looks like the licensing might make distribution and scaling challenging. Do you have experience with other frameworks or any recommendations for adoption? Quickly googling, I found this which might be easier to incorporate: Also I’m curious about how these compare to options like

Best, Mike

Well @mseaton the CoreUI (or something similar) is exactly what I would love to implement to the core just so that aesthetically the UI gets an update. Currently the UI is very old and there is a lack of hierarchy between elements which can be resolved with a proper UI kit like mentioned.

Another big problem our team is finding is the very broken user journeys/flows for roles like the Clerk, Nurse and Doctor. Even for us as people who work in tech every day we found navigating specific flows very hard. I can’t imagine how hard it would prove for people who aren’t very computer literate.

We are in the process of doing some very basic UX on these flows, but we have big ideas for how the flows can be improved for these roles but right now we just lack the time to do this.

I know from reading through this forum that Bootstrap was decided over Material, and that Bootstrap implementation did commence but Im not sure how far progress is on this. Ideally we would want to update to the latest version of Bootstrap and then use something like the CoreUI as a theme.

It also seems (correct me if Im wrong) people have installed separate instances of Bootstrap on specific modules instead of using it as the basis for the app at it’s core, so many times modules seem to have its own set of scss files instead of having ALL your scss files sitting at the core.

@biancajembi are you talking about @ssmusoke 's Thread