Trying to revive our UI tests before 2.3 release

I just wanted to let you know that I’m working on fixing our UI tests to get them passing again. I had to make some changes in the reference application module and bumped the version in distro to 2.4-SNAPSHOT to see them on devtest01. It means that before releasing OpenMRS 2.3 Reference Application the version of referenceapplication module needs to be set back to 2.3 in the distro. In order to be able to release the distro as 2.3, ui tests will also have to be switched off temporarily not to block the build and release.


How about switching the version of the reference application module (and reference metadata) to be, since we are going to have to do another release anyway, and this is more accurate than 2.4-snapshot.

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What is the fourth level version number? A build number? I’d like to update the OpenMRS Versioning page to be clear when/why we’d use instead of, say, 2.3.0-uifix (i.e., when we use a build number instead of modifier).

In this case I made it up in the fly to deal with the fact that we accidentally released version 2.3 of this module, and will have to do another release with a new version.

We want to have our OpenMRS release be called something as close to 2.3 as we can. 2.3.1 sounds like it’s a bug fix to 2.3, whereas sounds different to me. :slight_smile:

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