Trunk 5712 javascript Mime type

Am assingned by that issue how can i handle that because it is ready for work where can i start from

attach the link of the issue to your question

Taking a look at the comments on the ticket is a good starting point →

okay thanks you so much

i have reachead to this step and am trying to fork it but it has failed to fork

There are two things here to understand;

  1. You can assign yourself to a ticket that is Ready For Work and this tells other devs that the ticket is being worked on so no one can claim it when you are working on it.
  2. Forking is done on a repository not on a ticket, you can ask Google about what forking is all about.

okay thanks

@musakizito I wouldn’t mind taking you through the basic git commands, cloning and ticket claiming and status but that should be tomorrow between 10am - 12pm. @lindaayebale7, @reganmakanga, @reginahnakinobe, @janie Kindly you are at liberty to join us.

Aright thanks so much

It’s a great pleasure to be part Kindly help me Kno of the link to meeting… Oooh how we gonna conduct the meeting

Kindly I will share the meeting link tomorrow at 9:55am. Till then take care.

Will anxiously wait Stay well too

ohhh…thanks Julie for the invite…will be right there

Thanks Miss Wamalwa . Will the meeting be online ?

@lindaayebale7 Sure! it will online. Hope that is okay with you.

Yes it’s fine

thanks for the invite @jwnasambu ,will be ready to learn

Hello friends, kindly this is meeting link see you at 10am.

Greetings where are we getting the zoom link from?