Trouble deploying my first module

Hello members, i am trying to deploy my first module using this

I am requesting for assistance on how to go about it

This is what i get when i click the upload button.

Share the server side log via

the log is here @dkayiwa myfirstmodule stack trace -

What happens when you restart your computer and run again?

Let me try that and see

@dkayiwa , upon rebooting and restarting the server, my first module is disolayed on the module list but when i try to start it i get an error as seen i the attachment below.

this is the server log:-- myfirstmodule stack trace after rebooting -

I also notice that in your pom.xml file you have used tests instead of test for dependency scope.


sorry for the late reply, I have made the changes suggested and i still have the same error. I would like to note that i had created the server without docker inclusive. I am going to try deleting the module and server then follow the instructions as I setup the server with docker inclusive then I will report the out comes. @dkayiwa I am asking if docker needs any prior configurations?

Good morning @dkayiwa , I was able to resolve the problem after including docker with assistance from the topics below , previously posted and I was able to deploy my first module.

and OpenMRS SDK installation_BUILD FAILURE_Failed to setup server - #12 by anderson12.

Thank you.

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