FIX: SDK Update tcp protocol on docker host

Hello, I found an issue with SDK Guide

Once you try for the first time to create a docker server (Option 2) it shows an error on Windows (WSL)

ERROR: Unsupported protocol scheme found: '

You should edit manually C:\Users\“youruser”\openmrs\ file and change dockerHost= to dockerHost=tcp://localhost:2375

Please consider putting this info in the guide for helping other newcomers as me.

Thanks and peace!

Not so sure about the community policy when it comes to editing guides.

@dkayiwa is any community member free to edit the wiki pages?

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@jgonzalezans Oh sorry! kindly mention on which step of the guide you are getting an error and also share the entire error logs using pastebin .

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Sure, here you got it OpenMRS SDK Setup - Docker protocol error -

The problem in the guide is at this point

(I would suggest also adding direct links to topics inside a document )

I would only notify for windows user to do what I said before on properties


Yes, especially if there are errors! Although, in this case, rather than changing the guide, the right thing to do would be to open a ticket to fix the SDK so you don’t have to futz around with the SDK’s properties (since we can just fix the SDK to default to tcp instead of http).


I agree that would be great to be fixed on maven plugin directly. But I notified the situation to avoid newcomers to be blocked by this. The quick way would be to be warned at least in the guide.