Transifex: How to get Khmer translators to join the effort?

Hi all, hi @darius,

As we have started work on the OpenMRS distribution for Cambodia we will need to allow Khmer translators to start contributing to files across the needed OpenMRS and Bahmni modules. This is not yet current as we first need to identify which modules will actually be used, but anyway we must get ready now in order to know how to proceed when it will come to it.

How does it work? Do they just need a Transifex account to get going, then join both the OpenMRS and Bahmni teams on Transifex?

I would be grateful if someone could provide some guidance here. Thank you!

Hi all,

Could anybody shed some light here?

Thank you.

Are these links of any help?

No, I had seen these resources and they address the needs of developers. I am asking about how to include new translators (that are not computer savvy, they are just people who happen to speak both languages) into filling in messages in files so that it gets eventually pushed on GitHub as part of the OpenMRS code base.

I was guessing that they would have to log into Transifex, be part of the relevant teams in there, find the resources to translate and commit their job via the web interface. That’s going to be complicated enough. Is that how it works, or some computer savvy person has to be in the middle and commit their work using tx?

I was looking at: Looking for Translator and Reviewers! and noticed that i need to ping @ibatista for comments regarding this. :slight_smile:


Hi @mksd,

You only have to request the language you need to add in transifex and the people who can translate must request to be translators in the language. Another option is, they can register in transifex and give me the user names and I add them to the language.

When the translation is complete, I ask the module managers to add the corresponding

@mksd, sorry for missing this earlier.

Like @ibatista said, they just need to do the translations in the transifex UI, and we have a CI job that automatically pulls them into refapp modules.

(Currently translations do not require any review before going in. If you want, we could set it up to require review on a language by language basis. But we have no automated notifications for when there are unreviewed translations sitting around, so it would depend on the workflow you expect to have with them.)

The Bahmni workflow is a bit different than the refapp one on the back end, but the translators just need to translate in the transifex UI there also.

-Darius (by phone)

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