Looking for Translator and Reviewers!

You can be a translator or reviewer!

We are in need collaborators to progress the translations of the modules in Transifex. If you are interested and are a person who wanted to contribute to our community, you can now apply to become a translator or to be Reviewer.

To be a Translator you should meet certain requirements:

  1. Be a native speaker or interpreter of the language

To be a Reviewer you should meet certain requirements:

  1. Be a native speaker or interpreter of the language

  2. (one of the following)

  • be a known OpenMRS community member (/dev/2 or above, or another Talk badge that shows you have been around)

  • have some Transifex recommendations

  • submitted 100 new / improved and appropriate translations

With more urgent need translators and reviewers for languages: French, Portuguese, Sinhala and Russian


This is great!

Everyone, we’re looking for translators and reviewers. If you know how to speak a language, it’s not hard. Ismael is even working on some processes so that we can remind you when there are new things that need to be translated or reviewed. Volunteers welcome.

@ibatista, one question: do you really need to be a preexisting openMRS community member to translate? I was going to tweet out a link to this, but I don’t think that’s a strict requirement. (And we definitely shouldn’t require you to be a dev to translate, and that’s a bit implied by the /dev/null or above.)


@arbaughj, i think the IsantePlus guys can get in touch with the French translation :slight_smile: we could try pinging them

I try to do spanish but, usually that one is complete and only been able to do less than 50 translations.

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@darius , I put requirements dev / null because I thought it would be a good idea to have some basic knowledge, the dev / null badge is obtained only by connecting the account Github and doing the post on “Enter youself,” but I think you’re quite right, and I will change that part

@k_joseph Very good! I like this idea, what do we have to do?

Hi @ibatista. You say “you can now apply to become a translator or to be Reviewer”. How does one apply?

Feel free to sign me up for Haitian Creole, if I’m not already signed up. (I’ve already got a Transifex account and have done OpenMRS translations before.)

Hi @arbaughj, if someone does not have an Transifex account, you should only [register for free] (https://www.transifex.com/signup/). After registration, the following would contact me to assign the corresponding language.

Or give me his email to send a invitation

You are signed in the Haitian Creole team. i see you profile and you are applicable to reviewer, the Haitian Creole Language don’t have Reviewer yet, so i have promoted you to the position.


Hi @ibatista, I would like to help reviewing the spanish translation. I already have a Transifex account :slight_smile:

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Hello @ibatista am volunteering at Help desk and we have a client who has interest in translation. How can get involved? He wants to help with Swahili translations.


@surangak also included translations in the GCI student work for the next few weeks also. If students are interested, make sure to pick up one of those tasks…

@hilz041, you should point them to the Translating the Reference Application wiki page.

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This will be helpful. Thanks

When you client have an Transifex Account, only have to Join the OpenMRS Team and the Language, as @darius Say, this info are in Wiki page.

If you have any problem, you can tell me.

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@ibatista are slots still available i’ve just seen this post a little late…

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Yeah! you can follow this steps: if you have any problem you can tell me by DM.

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Yeah just got one at Transifex…Thanks @ibatista i will try that out…

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Ismael I want to translate to Arabic. How can I do it?

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Hey there everyone! I had been translating the Reference Application recently to Hindi language and have already made 119 translations. I meet all the requirements mentioned by @ibatista for applying for reviewer.

My Transifex ID: aditya13

Thanks :smiley: