Transfer ownership of System Performance & Utilization Web Extension Repo


I want to transfer the Owner Ship of the github repo

When I tried transfer it to OpenMRS it is showing a message that I don’t have admin rights to openmrs. Please help.

I think you need to request this at helpdesk■■■■■■■■■■■■

@darius – Actually, the helpdesk isn’t responsible for managing our repositories… we are. The repo management category in OpenMRS Talk was created to replace our old "code■■■■■■■■■■■■" group email address. I have updated our conventions page to reflect this.

@vineetv2821993 – see the updated conventions for more information.

  • Please add “/cc @pascal” to your post to CC your mentor in this request.
  • Your repo name needs to follow our naming conventions. Contributions that are not modules are nearly all in the form openmrs-contrib-*. Perhaps openmrs-contrib-chrome-systemmetrics? If we are going to begin using openmrs-extension-*, that should probably be discussed & decided in a separate Talk topic.
  • Your code needs to be licensed with an OSI-approved license. We recommend MPL 2 + HD like openmrs-core.

Actually, for meta “CC style” notifications like this, please instead use the Invite button at the bottom of every post, then select the person to receive the notification.

@michael, the Invite button is helpful for private invitations (i.e., to notify someone about a discussion discretely or to invite someone who does not have an account on OpenMRS Talk). In this case, we want everyone to know the person is being invited, so an explicit @mention (e.g., including their name in the post like “My mentor is @michael” or adding “/CC @michael” would be preferable to a private notification.

Yes @burke,

I think we should use the new convention for future support of web browsers addons and extension like “openmrs-addons-browser-addonname*” or “openmrs-extension-browser-*” . Should I make a seperate thread for this discussion or use contrib instead?

I will add a MPL 2+ HD license

Hi Michael, How to add /cc @pascal this add this and where? At the heading of the topic? I am using Invite for @pascal & @janflowers

Hi @darius,

Thats not working :frowning: code■■■■■■■■■■■■ too.

I’m here, I’m the sponsor, what do I need to do? :slight_smile:

I got the invite @vineetv2821993. But like @pascal, I’m unsure of what we need to do in order to get you module transferred. It seems it’s outlined pretty well in the instructions that @burke sent in his previous post: here

Hi Jan, I got that point from bruke. But I am saying, first we should not confused about the repo I am transferring.

I have to repo one for module and other for a Chrome Extension.

Module repo is already under OpenMRS. Chrome Extension is not and is in my private repo. So I need to transfer it to OpenMRS.

As I replied to @burke earlier

I think we should use the new convention for future support of web browsers addons and extension like “openmrs-addons-browser-addonname*” or “openmrs-extension-browser-*” . Should I make a seperate thread for this discussion or use contrib instead?

So I can proceed with further steps.

Sounds good - sorry I misunderstood! :smile:

@vineetv2821993, yes please start a separate Repo Management discussion on proposing a new naming convention for repositories.

in which topic ?

New topic (e.g., “Proposal for adding openmrs-extension-* to repository naming conventions”) within this Repo Management category.

Hi Burke,

I changed the repo name.

Here is the new url of the repo

GitHub Name : vineetv2821993 Repo URL :

Description : OpenMRS module “System Performance and Utilization Module” Google Chrome Extension to supply additional information on system performance and utilization in order to monitor reliability and impact of the electronic medical record system installation.

Sorry, @vineetv2821993. GitHub “improved” their permissions so a simple process of adding someone to a Transfer Team no longer works and I cannot figure out how to make you a temporary admin.

I think either @ryan or @michael figured this out recently for Tharunya, so hopefully they can help.

Yes, @ryan came up with a hack/workaround until GitHub fixes finishes their new permission scheme. :smile:

Yeah the workaround was just transferring to me (an Owner) and then I transfer it to the OpenMRS org. So, @vineetv2821993 If you transfer the repo to me (yatesr) or @burke (bmamlin) we can transfer it to the OpenMRS github repo for you.

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Hi @ryan what is your github username?