Tracking Progress of the Condition List Phase GSOC Project

My preference would be to eliminate the plus and minus buttons, since you have another easy way to activate or inactivate.

I would also prefer to make the condition name unchangeable in the edit form. If the condition was entered in error you can delete it (with the warnings above) and if your thoughts about the condition have changed, you can inactivate it and add a new one. In practice, it will be a fairly rare event that someone actually wants to do that.

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Thank you @jteich , I will make the condition name unchangeable in the edit form. I would like to take a vote on elimination of plus and minus button. @dkayiwa and @ball what’s your opinion on this?

PR on confirmation before deleting a condition -


Edit Conditions PR after making the condition name unchangeable


Thanks @haripriya on the above. Any updates on this , could we have all work done by this june??

  • Upgraded font awesome to latest version, to support a wider set of icons eg: awareness ribbon etc (In reference app)
  • Fixed the error while saving conditions:
  • Limit values of condition list based on its global properties
  • Add condition UI enhancement:
  • Cosmetic tweaks for Manage conditions
  • Added checks for onset date to ConditionValidator in core
  • Upgraded Fontawesome to latest 5.9.0 in UI commons
  • Fixed hover messsge for ‘x’ icon in manage conditions
  • Spent a good amount of time fixing my previous PR’s

  • Working on translations into other languages like french

  • Made suggestions regarding change of icons for coreapps (idea not yet approved) : talk link

  • Exploring cohortbuilder-owa to add functionality for condition list. Being new to owa its taking more time to figure out how things are working. : talk link


great @haripriya , thanks for the awesome work

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Thank you @mozzy


well done here

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Thank you @herbert24


we seem to have a little time remaining to the completion of the GSOC projects, can we get the update on the progress of this feature. could we be able to have it into ref app?? thanks cc @haripriya @dkayiwa @ball @c.antwi

@mozzy All the objectives under Condition List project have been completed.

These 2 features are to be merged:


I’m currently working on the changes being suggested on these PR’s and the documentation. Also trying to fix a bug reported by @ball.
Thank you :slight_smile:


thats sounds cool to hear @haripriya

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I’m getting error while adding condition on . To verify I cloned changes from , compiled and ran them on both standalone and snapshot versions, yet I’m not able to reproduce this error. I also tried running these changes on Ubuntu, yet I wasn’t able to generate this error and conditions were being saved successfully . Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

cc: @dkayiwa , @ball, @mozzy

i dont think that server is updated with the latest changes in core apps and emr-api modules. cc @dkayiwa @cintiadr

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@mozzy did you see this: and this?

Thanks @dkayiwa. is that server continuously updated with any commit that gets merged ?? what am asking is , after merging any single commit at any time , is there auto continous rebulding of the modules??

Just want to confirm that, that server has been updated with @haripriya’s changes

It is rebuilt on every commit.

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ok , i get then. thanks

@dkayiwa I’m not able to reproduce the error when I test the latest changes on my local system. What could be the reason?