Cohort Builder OWA

Currently the Cohort builder developed in OWA has the following UI.

I don’t know if there is some specific reason for having concept and observation under the same tab?

I think it would be a nice idea to have two different tabs i.e concept and condition as shown below.

Mock up for Condition tab:

Another option could be to have a tab “Other” to handle things like conditions, allergies etc as shown below

Or, we can have check boxes for condition and allergies under the concept tab as shown

Which architect would be better? I would like to get the opinion of community on this.

Thank you :slight_smile:

cc: @dkayiwa , @ball , @burke, @darius , @ddesimone , @mogoodrich

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Would be great to get feedback from @akanter @jteich

If “Other” was the best choice, this tab would likely go before “Composition” and “Saved”.

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I updated the mock up as per your suggestion :slight_smile:

@haripriya for you not to get blocked while waiting, i would just add a new condition tab and get going. It can later on be refactored in if necessary.

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I will do it as you suggested, Thank you :slight_smile:

@ball, I would need a bit of briefing on the meaning of the column headers to really comment – (can I enter a Condition under Concept? Can Concept be used as a general place to test almost any attribute? I do worry about having too many individual columns such as Condition, Allergy, etc.)

At the least, it makes sense to have a clearly understood column name, so “Other” as a header name sounds too vague.


Thoughtful questions – as usual @jteich

I wasn’t part of the original design or conversation about the cohort builder OWA (or even Darius’ original cohort builder). I am assuming that they were not thinking about extras (ie. allergies, condition list, orders/drugs/labs, etc) with the design.

Going forward, we should layout where best for these extras.

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