Tools for testing OpenMRS implementation

Hey @christine thank you for this platform. Am new QA working with a team on an openmrs platform. I would really love to know how to go about openmrs testing

@valuoch could you provide more details on what you want to achieve?

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Hello Kakumirizi

Thank you for your quick response.

I am a quality assurance specialist and I work in an organization where they use openmrs platform to develop health Information systems. I am currently having a challenge in getting a good open source testing tool that can assist me in doing the end to end testing for our products.

I am reaching out to you and the team if I can get any assistance or a step by step guide on how to go about this.

Thank you for your time,

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Nice to hear that you are using openmrs platform to develop health information systems!

There are many good open source tools out there that you can use for your need and would recommend to go for a free tool(unless its the organisation policy to use a paid software).

Since you’re working with developers, business people and users at the same time, it would be great for your end to end testing to opt for a testing tool that supports behavior driven development (BDD). Checkout some core advantages here for using a BDD testing framework tool over other available tools.

@valuoch would you let us know whether your focusing on front-end or back-end testing for your products Or both? So that we provide you relevant starting point or even getting you assistance if possible.

cc: @dkayiwa @ibacher

Hello Kakumirizi,

Your quick response is highly appreciated and I am grateful for this kind of engagement.

Hope they will be more often as I venture into this interesting task.

Am actually working on both front-end and back-end testing.

I would really love your guidance so that i kick off this process as soon as possible.

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Well for both ends, you need to choose a tool that is robust and sustainable, which can as well support generating test reports , i.e., can it generate results in some kind of standard format that can be easily used by other tooling to indicate how many tests passed or failed and which tests? (Most helpful would probably be something like the JUnit format). This will be of help to developers, organisation managers and as well give confidence to the users of your products.

Of recent were comparing different tools that would be suitable for Back-end testing which may be good for you to look at and follow the conversation on the talk post here to aid you choose desirably.

Cucumber-Selenium or Cucumber-Cypress would be a good deal for Front-end testing. They slightly differ in the language they use But both support Behavior Driven Development(BDD Framework) that has a workflow which entails writing feature files containing user stories written in a simple human readable language called Gherkin(which follow a very simple syntax of GivenWhenThen) and these stories are wrapped in steps definition using either Cypress or Selenium.

The starting point would be selecting the tool, then set up a qaframework module for the organisation to have you get started with automated testing of your products. You may take a look at the POC for OpenMRS.

@valuoch would be glad hearing updates from you!

Hello Kakumirizi,

Thanks for the feedback, I think I will go with Cucumber-Selenium.

Do you have a guide on how to go about it? Or someone I can work with on this?

This will really will really be appreciated.

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Cucumber-Selenium will do for you Front-end testing so you need to choose a tool for Back-end testing as well. Were you able to find a desirable tool here for Back-end testing? Most probably you need one that supports BDD framework which can incorporate cucumber to have the same workflow in both the back-end and front-end testing.

@valuoch do you find this documentation helpful? How-to: Integrate Community QA Processes and Tools into the Development Process - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

@valuoch would be glad hearing updates on your implementation for end-to-end testing!

Hello Kakumirizi,

I Am actually reviewing the document and will share with you the update soon.

Thank you for the continued support.

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Hey @valuoch, as you are reviewing the documentation shared by @kdaud also have a look at this, it will give a better understanding on the QA framework.

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Thank you Christine

@christine and @kdaud is it possible to have a one on one with either of you please

I and @sharif can have a meet up with you, just let us know your time zone so that we can appropriately schedule for this!

@kdaud can we do 3pm today Kenyan time…if that’s not okay you can give me your convenient time I will adjust.

can make it at 4:00 pm(EAT), let me know if it works for you!

Sure this works for me as well. Looking forward to meet with you.

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sure thanks 4pm is okay