Tomcat Options in OpenMRS SDK

Hello, @ibacher Just noticed a release of OpenMRS SDK to version 4.2.0. I have also noticed that tomcat version in there has been upgraded to 9. which makes all other OpenMRS SDK users have issues starting their servers. How best can we make a selection of tomcat when starting a server instead of having a tomcat version that is hardcoded in there. CC @ssmusoke @solemabrothers @dkayiwa

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@slubwama What errors are the users facing?

@ssmusoke HTTP Status 500 – Internal Server ErrorType Exception ReportMessage /WEB-I - Looks like the default tomcat is 9 yet 7 is what is supported for the current version of OpenMRS we have.

@slubwama i have not yet looked into the errors that you are getting, but just wanted to say that you can always use any previous version of the SDK that you want as stated here: Announcing OpenMRS SDK 4.2.0

@dkayiwa thanks you for your help and for pointing me to the announcement. It has helped to at least get the server running.

My Suggestion for SDK

  1. Can we have ways of specifying tomcat without necessarily referring back to the previous version of SDK. I think if this is done. It will be of benefit.

Makes sense to me. And it looks related to what is going on here: Unable to set up new Platform 2.3.4-SNAPSHOT using SDK - #10 by ibacher