Tips for a successful proposal

Hey All,

We got some really super proposals coming in. Some of them however, could use some work. I hope those who did not do such a great proposal fixes theirs so they stand a chance.

If your proposal is less than 3 pages long, it’s too short. Lead with our template questions.

Some tips:

  • Consider adding a timeline to your proposal telling us when you will work on what features.
  • Include wireframes (this is not optional)
  • Talk about how you’ll implement each feature (in excruciating detail)

Remember, the goal of the proposal is to show us you are the best person for the job.


Thanks for the tips @r0bby.

What if giving extensive technical details increase the length of the proposal? It is also said that you should keep your proposal concise, mentors have lot of proposals to review they will not be reading such long descriptions.

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Your proposal SHOULD span about 5-6 pages – 6-8 isn’t unreasonable – anything more – you’re biting off more than you can chew :slight_smile: However this isn’t a hard and fast rule. For example wireframes can take up a page – that’s a case where it might be more.

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