Timeline for Documentation Review & Acceptance

@c.antwi @jwnasambu I was wondering how long it will take for any documentation changed to be reviewed and/or accepted? I have completed all of the steps for the documentation and have placed it in the correct category on the documentation page.

Thanks for the good work done am going through the changes made and the beauty part is every change made is viewed by several community members it won’t take long you will get the feedback.

CC @dkayiwa

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@jwnasambu are these pull requests?

Its not the pull requests but the changes made on the documents on this link. I copied you because you are first to spot the changes made.:smiley:

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Hello friends, am reaching out to you to help us review edited documents on this link and some changes reflected on wiki and github at your convenient time. Kindly confirm if its OK with you. Its open to anyone who desires to help in reviewing. Feel free to add your name. On the same note @gcliff will help us clean up the project page on wiki kindly let us support him whenever he needs help.

cc @ball, @dkayiwa, @janflowers, @jennifer, @suthagar23, @tendomart, @ruffjm @jthomas, @c.antwi

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Thanks for the updates.

Hi @mharder Could you please remind me of which Uni you are at, Your Proffessor who came on our documentation call some few weeks back and how long your team intends to work on the Documentation work?

Thanks so much

My group and I are from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and we will be working on documentation and JIRA tickets until the last week in April.

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Thank you so much for the Info.

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Hello friends, review process is almost done but we haven’t got any feedback from you concerning the changes made. Kindly follow this link and leave a comment on changes made. Thanks in advance.

Friends, I really appreciate the good work you are doing. Its my kind request you spare sometime and give your comments on the changes made on this link. I have reviewed this and this pages and they seem OK. Can someone help reviewing again?

cc @ball, @dkayiwa, @janflowers, @jennifer, @suthagar23, @tendomart, @ruffjm @jthomas, @c.antwi


@jwnasambu, I spent a few minutes during our PM call to look at this request. It’s not very clear what you are asking of expert reviewers.

For example, you say:

Its my kind request you spare sometime and give your comments on the changes made on this link.

When I visit your link, I see a page that appears to be directed toward people who want to contribute documentation changes. As I scroll down the page, I can see a table “Expert Review and Corrections” that contains a redundant “PAGE TITLE” column, a “PAGE LINK” column, and then a “PAGE COMMENTS” column that appears to have a description of changes made to the page.

Okay, so it appears that you’re asking that we review a page in the “Expert Review and Corrections” table? And then what? Am I supposed to reach out personally to the editors and let them know? Am I supposed to add comments into the “Page Comments” column? It’s unclear.

Can we make it easier & more intuitive for reviewers? For example, something like this:

Reviewers: Thank you for your help! After selecting a page to review, please enter your name, review the changes, and then enter either “approved” or “needs work” into the status column (including comments to direct any needed work)

Page Page before changes Changes made Description of changes Reviewer(s) Status Reviewer comments
For Open Web App Developers View original View changes Added and updated information underneath every title listed on that page (What is an OWA, Quick Overview, How To Write An OWA, Examples).
Contributors:Maggie Harder, Olivia Rine, Sam Neupane, Jacob Hansen

Thanks for sparing your time to look through this table. The table was just to guide the person reviewing on the changes made. The "page comment "column give the reviewer the clear picture on the changes made on the “page link” column. Since it appears confusing, let me incorporate the suggested changes. Once again thank you.

@mharder thank you for working tireless to ensure our documents are up to date. We have come up with a new reporting format on this link. kindly edit it basing on what you have been doing so that the review process can kick off.

I have just made the changes as @burke had suggested. Initially we were making changes directly on the original wiki document but now we have to separate the old content from the new content. I have reached out to the writers through PM to fill the information in the table once its done I request you help in reviewing.

@c.antwi @jwnasambu Hello, I just added a new page to the wiki on OWA Unit Testing. I was wondering how I should document that on the “Documentation Review Work Needed” page. Is it okay if I include it in the “Expert Review and Corrections” Table as shown below:

Thanks I have seen it. Am assigning someone to review it.

Hello friends, am reaching out to you to help me review these pages:

@raff and @suthagar23 this page. The previous page is this

@ssemakadde, @janflowers and @rotimi this page. The origin work is this.

@ruhanga and @ball this page the original work is this

@dkayiwa this page. this is the previous work

@burke this and this on this and this previous pages.

@wyclif this page on this previous page.

@dkayiwa this page on this previous page

@tgreensweig and @f4ww4z this page on this previous link

@mozzy how far with page?

Kindly share your feedback or comment on this link on the project you are reviewing.


@jwnasambu alright noted.

@jwnasambu , i made the PR which is just waiting for more review and merging. i think thats all .