Timeline for Documentation Review & Acceptance

@mozzy Thanks. Kindly share the PR so that I assign someone to review it.

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@jwnasambu . It’s here https://github.com/openmrs/openmrs-book-developer-manual/pull/12

Though I had already shared it in the Documentation Review wiki page you created .

I had checked on the github link you have shared but I just wanted to confirm if it the right page. Thanks let me go though the changes and assign someone else to go through.

Is there a convention for screenshot image size on the wiki? I reviewed changes to the Administering Modules page and they look good; however, I think some readers with smaller monitors might end up horizontally scrolling to read the direction in the 2nd column. It’s a balance between making the image readable up front without zooming and not taking up too much real estate on the page with each image. Given simply tapping on any image brings up a full size version of it, I wonder if we could err on the side of smaller images on the page to avoid horizontal scrolling or taking up space unnecessarily.

If we don’t have one, it might be nice to create a page or set of pages with directions & conventions for managing wiki content. It could include tips like “OpenMRS wiki uses hierarchies: How to create a wiki page in the right location.” and outline some conventions like default image size.

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Thank you for sparing your time to review the document we really appreciate. @samirkashyap and the group thanks too. Is it okay we look through what @burke has suggested?

Hello friends,
I know you have a tight schedule but I kindly request you spare some few minutes and review the above links and give your comment. Kindly its over due.

@raff, @suthagar23, @ssemakadde, @janflowers, @rotimi. @ruhanga, @ball, @dkayiwa, @f4ww4z @tgreensweig @tendomart and @wyclif

@gcliff and @herbert24 Kindly followup with this and make the changes as suggested.

In case you need any clarification, feel free to reach out to the community.

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The changes on the page am linked to look fine to me.

Thanks for your time.