Tickets evalution in un accepted state for RefApp 2.8.0

Reference ApplicationRA-461 Allow modules to override the site logo even if the reference application is running.
Comment :The PR was to be merged but there was no response.

Reference Application RA-1386 Reference Metadata fails to start :
Comment: There was no communication after the PR

Reference Application RA-1383 App UI to handle header config extensions based on their priority.
Comment: RA-461 will resolve this ticket.

Reference Application RA-1176 Add System Info to the reference application UI .
Comment: Its an old ticket, It is believed some of these features are now provided by the system admin owa which didn’t exist at the time, so we needed to implement just those that are not yet provided.

Reference Application RA-807 Manage Visits Types.
Comment: The translation was to be added.

Reference Application RA-1501 Create Number of Registrations for all locations.
Comment : It was to be merged since the report was good

Reference Application RA-1490 Update to the latest stable OpenMRS core platform version 2.1.3.

In my conclusion basing on each ticket evaluation it should be in accepted state though there was no communication proceeding the PR to most tickets.

cc @dkayiwa

Just for learning purposes, the release should not have been done before deciding on this. As mentioned here

Thanks for the correction. How should i go about with the issue at hand?

@jwnasambu those that are waiting for showcase, just close them.

Then those that are waiting for testing, test and if you confirm that all works as expected, close them too. For those that do not pass the test, just mention them and we guide you on what to do next.

Ok thanks let me do it .

@dkayiwa Let me dedicate this weekend to finalize everything to do with RefApp 2.8.0. I have tried but am torn apart with Andela challenge 2 which its due date is the day after tomorrow.

Understandable! Thanks for the communication. :slight_smile:

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Am back on issues in an accepted state i have left some comments on some issue threads for you to check and advice me according because i have never done this process before.

I have responded to all your comments.

@dkayiwa kindly check on my progress and leave a comment please

I have bumped two that have unmerged pull requests, and commented on the others.

@dkayiwa thanks so much.