The proper way to volunteer?


What is the correct process to volunteer for a position? I saw the list of positions available and contacted the POC but, I have not heard from anyone. Its been a little over a month. I’m just eager to be able to do something.

Which position are you interested in? Keep in mind we’re all volunteers and most have day jobs.

Well I’m not sure what is needed to be honest. I saw a list of positions but, not sure if those are available anymore.

There are a lot. So, so many. I need to spend some time going through the positions in the team and what’s filled vs not within the infra team.

You need to be patient. We’re all volunteers, I like to keep things balanced, I’m saner this way.

I’m not rushing, just wanted to try to help more. Just trying to show interest and try to help in whatever comes up.

I do wanna look at your resume and see how you can help us tune JIRA and build up trust :slight_smile:

@chagara thanks again for showing the interest and updating us regarding your not having heard from any one. Of late, one of the things am looking at is reducing such delays for feedback to volunteers. Even when we need some time to sort out certain things, we still need to at least keep you updated with a message like, “Thanks for the interest. We shall get back to you within a period of …”. That way you know for how long to wait. :slight_smile:

By the way, what is POC?

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your welcome :slight_smile: yes, at least a respond would be nice :slight_smile: I understand that everyone is busy and got things to do. Just a reply like you said “thanks for your inquiry we are looking into it” I mean when I submitted to be a volunteer through the main page I got responses in less than hour real fast but, nothing about what jobs can be done. POC means point of contact.

@chagara we apologise for the lack of response and thanks for just not keeping quiet about it. Do you mind showing me the job link such that i follow it up?

no problem :slight_smile: here is the list I found We Want You: New volunteer leadership roles available!

Which ones were you interested in @chagara?

Well i wanted to do IT & infrastructure but, that was not listed. Ilisuld be interested Certification Lead, Education & Training

And the one listed for higher learning too.

We do need more help with IT & Infra always – Just have to be careful with who we add – you can always help us debug… =) – Sorry I took some “me time” so I can actually be use useful :slight_smile:

I would much rather we have volunteers and have funds diverted to running servers so outages don’t bring the community to a screeching halt because we have everything vital hosted in one data center.

yeah no problem helping troubleshoot or do whatever it needs. Naw don’t worry, ppl need to do that more so they don’t over work themselves.

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@terry @janflowers did any one take up Certification Lead, Education & Training?

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not yet. @chagara, if you are interested, please let us know and we can set up a call!

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yes, I’m interested :slight_smile:

In the interest of transparency, I’m also slowly onboarding him to the infra team :slight_smile: