Testing tickets

Hello all, I kindly request for volunteers to help test this tickets RA 1176, RA1386, RA 807, RA1416, RA1405, and RA 1414 that are to be reflected in RefApp 2.8.0.


cc @wyclif, @raff, @ssmusoke and @mogoodrich

@jwnasambu Please paste the links for the tickets in a list so that they are easy to follow

I’m adding the ticket list here which are waiting for the tests,

  1. RA-1176 : Add System Info to the reference application UI
  2. RA-1386 : Reference Metadata fails to start
  3. RA-807 : Manage Visits Types
  4. RA-1416 : Identifiers are not displayed in the Section on the Patient Dashboard and not loaded on editing the section
  5. RA-1405 : RegistrationApp: RegistrationSummaryPageController should accept “app” parameter
  6. RA-1414 : Registration App: Edit Section functionality should provide a “Save Form” link

CC : @ssmusoke, @jwnasambu

@suthagar23 @jwnasambu I would also like to add https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/RA-1484 which is a must fix for both 2.7.0 leading to a 2.7.1 release and for 2.8.0

Am worried time is not on our side this issue can it be completed before our release?

@jwnasambu unfortunately this is one of those issues that will hold back the release.

Is it prudent for me to ask @darius to help? being a reporter he must be having a clear picture on what is to be done.

@jwnasambu What needs to be done is articulated in the actual ticket discussion, we just need to find someone to work on it

@jwnasambu I went ahead and closed out RA-1405 & RA-1414… I had tested them when I added them, but had left them open in case anyone else wanted to test. Looks like no one has, and we have been using these fixes in our own custom build for awhile, so it seemed safe to close.

Thanks go a head and close them.

Tested RA-1176

Thanks. Have you closed the ticket?

@jwnasambu Can someone pick it for testing? Then we can merge it with repo to include for this release.

PR : https://github.com/openmrs/openmrs-module-adminui/pull/42

Thanks for your efforts. @wyclif i kindly request you to help me test changes incorporated by @suthagar23 on this ticket https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/RA-807-Manage Visits Types.

Thanks in advance.

I added a comment otherwise it looks good in general, we should merge it once the comment is addressed.

Thanks for the feedback