RefApp 2.8 volunteers needed

Hello all, I wish to inform the entire community that we are not going to Release RefApp 2.8.0 on 27th April, 2018 as anticipated before reason a " MUST" ticket to be reflected in this release is not worked on and besides 36 out of 49 tickets are not worked on. We still have much to work on this release

This is a summary of issues and there current state 1. “Must” ticket Wrong default concept used for sticky notes

Those with issues in development state, kindly take this opportunity to finish up your tickets and the rest of the community check on[these](Testing tickets, Issues waiting for development and Issues in backlog state ) links and see what you can contribute to basing on your skills.


Thanks @jwnasambu! I think if there have been no objections would go ahead and move all non-blocker issues to the next release. We are generally ambitious in what we’d like to get into a release, so it’s not unusual not to get everything done… and I think our generally philosophy is to try to get on a regular release schedule so that at least the changes that do get done get out to the general community.

As for RA-1484, I haven’t been following it, but perhaps a community resource could be assigned to complete it? As for a release date, I would wait until RA-1484 is fixed and then set a date at that point… probably could just be a week after that, depending on the guidelines for release testing, etc (which I don’t have in front of me).

Thanks for doing all this work!

Take care, Mark


@mogoodrich Thanks for your advice. @darius and @ssmusoke what do you think of this?

@mogoodrich I haven’t suggested any ticket to be bumped off apparently since we still have our “must” ticket to be worked on. I believe there is room for improvement but soon i will do as per your advice.