Test Registration app on devtest01

Hello, As far as I know, the Test Registration App was created only for testing purposes, so it wasn’t covered by our test cases. The problem is that its existance requires some minor changes in some of our tests to make them pass, and e.g. if it’s going to be removed, they will automatically fail. Is it still needed? Should we assume that it is a permanent element of the OpenMRS instance on devtest01 or is it going to be removed? Regards, Tomasz

It should not be a permanent element. I suggest you (i.e. the testing team) go ahead and remove it yourself.

It would be great if we can follow through on the discussion here https://talk.openmrs.org/t/shifting-to-using-the-correct-environments-for-testing/2070/5 (@tmueller, perhaps you and the testing team can push on @michael and the infrastructure team to own/implement the change) and clarify that nobody should be manually creating anything on the devtest01 server (which should become int-refapp or something).