Taking down the old PM Tool

Just checking: Is anyone still using the old PM Tool? This one: https://pmtool.openmrs.org/

In the PM Team, we are no longer using the OpenMRS PM tool (it has been replaced for >6 months now by our PM Jira dashboard, here: om.rs/pmtool - as discussed here). FWIW I actually got Darius’ blessing to use Jira to replace it :stuck_out_tongue:

Ian pointed out that since we’re no longer using that tool, we can end of life it if we want to free up some server space.

Cintia’s already keen; just want to make sure no one is depending on it before it goes down. And if you are depending on it, please mention why so I can try to make sure that our Jira dashboard meets your needs.

Thanks team :slight_smile:

CC @dkayiwa @burke

The old PM Tool has now been taken down as mentioned above and as discussed in the TAC.

To find the new tool, go to om.rs/pmtool


Thanks @grace for working on this transition.

Do we plan to show the broken builds summary as in the old tool?

Good question. We used to, as there is a handy Jira widget that integrates with Bamboo. But, the Jira widget can’t be filtered to only show failing builds - instead it shows everything, and was taking quite a while to load on the dashboard (>2 minutes). So I deleted it and we’ve been using the CI Dashboard in Bamboo instead since then.