Synchronizing saleable order to odoo

Hi There,

I am having trouble to get documentation to setup saleable orders (like procedure orders)to sync from openmrs to odoo. I am running the bahmni version 0.92.

What I did so far is,

look through this Synchronizing all orders to OpenERP (needs design) and

this hack Setting up Surgical and other OPD procedures continued and able to sync as radiology orders but unable to sync as saleable to odoo.

Can you show me how the saleable orders configured in openmrs concept and odoo in step by step manner.

Thanks in advance!

Bahmni no longer supports OpenERP, we have moved to Odoo 10. For synchronizing any orderable to Odoo, you will have to wait a little bit for the 0.93 release. Check

Thanks @angshuonline for your valuable response.