Suite of Volunteer Guides: Teams, Squads, and Tickets

Hello, all!

I’m working on revising the current Get Involved page, in concert with the new suite of volunteer guides for non-developer roles. We want to direct people to how to get started and more about the standing teams, like Documentation, QA and Testing, Translating, etc. We also want to alert them to the Active Projects and Squads as well, but we know some emphasize new contributors handling tickets, and others want a more team centered approach.

Basically, what are your thoughts on how the ‘Get Involved’ page and the volunteer guides in development can help new contributors find a squad in the Active Projects? @jennifer is this something that templates might help with? Please share any thoughts/questions, and I will be posting links to my preliminary drafts/maps of the revised page and volunteer suites shortly.

Also, @jennifer , feel free to tag anyone you think should definitely see this conversation!


@madhens, thank you so much for taking the Documentation Team through the Lucid chart and your mockup! The timing couldn’t be better.

I think about templates as another tool for us to use in our fight against entropy in our Wiki. :slight_smile: They can help us a) make it easier to focus on putting up needed content without having to re-create a wheel (or two), and b) encourage the use of a consistent format for posting similar content.

As we see different teams or squads thinking about Getting Started guides, some might find it useful to have a template to serve as a guide and/or reference. Along with that, I think it’s important for those contributing to the guides to know how and where a specific Getting Started guide fits into the new and existing volunteer journey. Otherwise, it will be tempting to include content that someone might get earlier on in their journey.

What do others think?