Suggestion to add a new badge in talk

Anyone has thought about add a new badge called “Implementer” ? maybe here are some people (like me) that no have much programming knowledge and is working on make a implementation


@ibatista Hello,

I am not sure there is a badge for implementers but you can add customer as your community-role in the preferences :slight_smile:

I really like that idea. We’ve talked a bit in the community about creating a way for implementers to be able to get different levels of badges in the same way that developers have, but we haven’t gone much further than that. I think as a start, having a badge that identifies an active implementer would be great. These badges are normally created for people to “earn” with their work within the community… so how could we create it so that people could earn that badge?

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I have created a badge.

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@ibatista – granted you the badge as the first person…I sadly don’t know all of the Implementors soo…@burke can probably handle granting those if so chooses :slight_smile:

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We discussed this during the most recent developer stages call and it is on @burke’s TODO list to start a thread regarding it. :slight_smile:

I felt it even more when i browsed through a number of people who have greatly contributed to the community but not fitting in the developer stages. People like @ayeung, @arbaughj, @ball, @ssemakadde and of course more!!! :slight_smile:

I made the badge

we can write a post or make requisites of publication on talk like the Dev’s badge

@ibatista would you like to volunteer by writing a proposal like the one we have for dev stages here?


You mean add the “Implementer” in dev stage or create a Implementer stages?

Create what you think implementer stages should look like.

Ah oke, nice on the next week i will send you

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@ibatista, looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

I suggest you share your proposal for implementer stages in a new thread on Talk (in the Implementers category) so people can discuss there. (Eventually it will go on the wiki parallel to the Developer Stages page.)

-Darius (by phone)