Implementer Stages Proposal

Continuing the discussion from Suggestion to add a new badge in talk:

Greetings to all!

This is a proposal to create “Implementer Stages”

The objective of these scenarios and “Roles” is to include people who are working doing implementations and bringing this tool to end users, motivate promote OpenMRS where they work and become “Official Implementers”.

To be honest with you, all who know me know that English is not my best skill, but I did this trying to be understandable for them to get the idea and help develop better.

This is the proposal I make them but I would like your help and suggestions to complete, I have left the boxes “privilegies” in “TBD” because I do not have much knowledge of the subject of privileges OpenMRS

Implementer Stages.docx (15.1 KB)


Thanks @ibatista! I’ll take a look and give you some feedback in the next day or two. Sounds like there might be a bit of overlap with our #strategic-obj-5 regarding Service Providers. Let’s see how we can meet the goal of giving folks on Talk a badge (or levels of badges) as well as working towards a more official Service Provider space. Would you like to be more involved in helping @jblaya and I in that? We’d love to have your help in this!